Taking a look at a painting by Melbourne Artist Rick Amor

For anyone who has been following me for some time will know that Rick Amor is one of my favourite artists. I thought we could take a look at one of his paintings today. He is a Melbourne artist who has been painting for many years and his work is very collectable. His work is also admired by many who cannot afford his paintings, me included.

Rick Amor is on the right.

Rick Amor

He has been painting for many years and is also a graduate of the Gallery School, or the VCA as it is now called. Art trends are not something he has allowed himself to be influenced by. He has always done what he wanted.

I have been fortunate enough to have met him on a few occasions, though never to talk to. It would be wonderful to have an opportunity to interview him one day.

His biography explains how he uses photos to help compose his work. He takes photos and then will use several to create his artworks. It is an interesting idea and the way you can see things in his paintings, but then realise that it is not real as well. He has a great talent for recreating his world around him. It is a concept I have always liked and find that it inspires me a lot.

The Unfinished Span 2005-2006

The painting below is a good example of that. It is the Bolte Bridge, but before it was finished. Yet, it could also be interpreted as a ruin, especially with the way he has painted it.

If you have ever seen the bridge you will know that under it is a river. When you look at his painting it looks as though it is not there. It is quite a different look to how it actually is at that spot. You could almost get the impression of an abandoned, destroyed bridge in a future world.

This is a good example of his work and there is no doubt why he is one of Melbourne’s premier artists. His exhibitions are almost sold out before they open, but always worth going to see. It is good to see the paintings in their fullness and as he intended.

I hope you agree with me about his work and enjoy this painting. If you would like to see more of his work then go to his website, Rick Amor. You can also see more about his at the Niagara Galleries website.

The Unfinished Span - Rick Amor
The Unfinished Span 2005-2006

This painting was part of the Sotheby’s Australia catalogue in 2014.

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