The final sunset – Our last photography outing of my trip

This was really the last evening of photography on our trip to Central Australia. While the next morning we left Coober Pedy and then headed home, we still had one more night near Adelaide, but there was no more photography.

It seems kind of weird that we have pretty much reached the end of the photos that I took.

Though I do intend to do at least one more post on the trip, but that will be more of a round-up. What was great, what wasn’t and what I would do differently if I went again. There will be other posts but more on just individual photos I think.

These photos are from my last night in Coober Pedy. It was sunset and again, all these were taken within 100 metres of the place we were staying in.

I walked around and around. I was using my Fujifilm X-S10, but I had two lenses with me. I would keep swapping between the Tamron 18-300mm and the Fujifilm 10-24mm. Sometimes you just need a very wide angle.

I have put together a gallery for you. Remember to click on one of the images to get a bigger one and then you can scroll through them.

I left this one til last as this was the last photo I took with my camera. I took some with my phone on the way back, but as for the cameras, this was it.

I took this one because I couldn’t believe the light. The sun had gone down, but when I walked out the front of the place we were staying in this is how it looked.

The light in Coober Pedy was so incredible. I would go back there just for it.

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  1. There is a certain pathos in the sight of all those rusting vehicles. I especially like the dark silouhette against the orange sky. A totally strange surreal place.

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