The Fine Art Way

Do you want to learn how to take better photos? Would you like to have your images critiqued on a regular basis? Do you want to take your photography further? Perhaps learn how to develop your own style.

At the Fine Art Way, we look at all of that and more.

The Fine Art Way is a membership group to help people learn what a fine art photographer does and how they work. It will help you to take your photography to another level.




The Fine Art Way

There are videos on various aspects of being a Fine Art Photographer and how the art world works. We look at how to work as an artist, how to think like one.

You can work through at your own pace and when you are ready. New videos are released each week.


We look at artists from all different mediums to see what we can learn and take from them. It is good to study them for their compositions, techniques and what they were trying to do and how they worked.

There are so many different ways to work in photography and it is good to see what others before us have done to inspire and help create the work that really motivates.


There are some videos on using Photoshop and Lightroom, though there is also going to be more videos on different types of software as well, so you can learn which one you think will suit you best.

While people often think that Fine Art is all about processing, they would be wrong, there is far more to it. There are many fine art photographers that do almost no processing.

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Developing a Style

We do look at how to do that and what you can do to develop your own style. This is like giving your work a brand, so when people see it they know it is yours.

Group Tutorials

Perhaps the aspects that other have liked a lot are the group tutorials.

They are done online with conferencing software and a number of people can attend them. They are set for one person to show their work and talk about what they are doing. I go through the images with some critiquing what is working and perhaps what isn’t. Then others attending can give feedback as well.

It is important that these are critiques and not seen as criticism. I believe you should feel good and empowered after one. They should motivate you to do more and try to push yourself further. If you ever have a critique that makes you feel like giving up, then that is bad, and the person who did it doesn’t know what they are doing.

The group tutorials have been very successful and most in the fine art way say it has been one of the best things. Not just when it is their turn, but also when looking at each other’s work.

How does it work?

For the last few months, we have been doing it with a Facebook group. If I can get the numbers then I will start a membership site on here. Each person will be able to sign in and see what is there. Though there will always be a group on Facebook as it is a good way to meet everyone else, discuss and show your images.

Once the Fine Art Way is closed to new members the group is changed to being a secret group.


I’m going to share some here now, for you to see.

From Sandi

I had been following the Photographer’s Mentor page for a bit when the Fine Art Way was advertised and I immediately wanted to get on this course…. I wanted to learn how to combine my passion for photography with art and I wanted to find my own style. Leanne’s approach to help us find our way is relaxed, the critiques are very useful and her introduction of artists and techniques I have found invaluable. The group come from different backgrounds and at different levels of photographic skills but we work well as a team and above all we learn from each other.

From Kerrie

I discovered Leanne Cole’s work just over a year ago and loved her unique and recognisable style.  In that time I have completed 2 workshops for long exposure and also been part of Leanne’s mentoring group.  I have learned such a lot, not just about the photography side of things but how to focus my photography from a scattergun approach of just going out and taking shots to think about what my work is about, how to develop my style and consistency. 

Leanne is keen to share her experience with others and provides honest and constructive feedback about your work. 

From Denise

I have had the pleasure to be a part of The Fine Art Way and have found it to be a rewarding and informative experience. Leanne Cole is a wonderful teacher, patient and knowledgeable, always with a sense of humour. Leanne challenges me to think more deeply about my work and has made many suggestions that have really helped improve my photography. It has also been a pleasure to interact with the other members of the group. I highly recommend The Fine Art Way.

From Steve

I would like to thank Leanne Cole for her fantastic mentoring program – The Fine Art Way.

Through the Fine Art Way Leanne, with her extensive experience as a fine art photographer, provides tips and advice to guide photographers on their journey to becoming fine art photographers. Some of the great aspects of the program include positive group critique sessions, technical tips for post-processing, instructional videos on topics such as preparing artists statements and CVs, and tips for gallery exhibiting.

I highly recommend The Fine Art Way to any photographer who wants to improve their craft and become artists.

Steve Day. SADsoft Photos,

Thank you to each for their lovely words.


The cost is USD$25 a month.

It is done through a subscription on PayPal. You can leave at any time, and if you can’t work out how then I am happy to help you.

If you would like more information then please send an email to

Or if you want to join up, then follow the subscribe button:




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