Lens Artists Challenge #293 – Water in Motion

I do love it when a challenge is set that I know I have images for and I don’t have to think about it too much. Actually, when this happens all I have to do is try not to post too many photos.

This week Sofia from PHOTOGRAPHIAS of Water in Motion. What a great challenge.

I guess this is going to mean different things to different people.

For me, it is about showing the motion of the water in a photo. It is something I love doing and Long Exposures are often perfect for it. Whether you do a really long exposure of a couple of minutes or shorter to show the way the water moves. It depends on my mood and what I am showing.

There are times when I like a longer exposure, say for waterfalls, or when the water is just part of an image but not necessarily the main focus. Let’s look at some examples.

Then there are the times when you want to see the movement or motion more. I try and get an exposure of around 1 second or less. Not too short. It is something you need to use a tripod for. So I have these for you.

I thought I would show you a video as well that I took last year when I went chasing waterfalls around Marysville. I have shown this here before, but thought you might like to see again, or see it for the first time for all my new subscribers.

After the video I will have a gallery of the images from that video.

I have so many photos for this challenge that will just have to stay in the archives. I might do another post on this soon, maybe. I love photographing water. I don’t consider myself a landscape photographer, but I do love water and photographing it. I need to get out to it again soon.

Thank you Sofia for this wonderful challenge, and I would ask that others go and check out her post here.

Maybe you would like to participate this week, it is a great challenge to do. To find out how to join the Lens-Artists Challenge, click here for more info.

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  1. I love your long exposures, Leanne. They are outstandingly beautiful. Dragons head and PortCampbell – and the crashing waves and…all of them. Water must be one of your great passions!

  2. Your style really shines with your take on this challenge, Leanne. You have truly mastered the soft, smooth water flow in your images. My favorite image of this collection, though, is the water that is crashing into the rock. Somehow you’ve made it dynamic, powerful, and smooth all at the same time.

    1. Thank you John, I think when you love what you are taking it will always shine through. The photo you love is one of my favourites too, I really need to do more of those.

  3. I see what you meant on your comment, Leanne. Yes, a powerful approach from you, and your long exposures are superb. Dragonshead is out of this world, so much drama, I love it.

  4. All of these are amazing! Thank you for putting the location in your file names! I had to go look up Dragon’s Head Rye Beach. What a beautiful spot!

  5. You have so many beautiful photos, Leanne! ❤️ You do a fantastic job with anything that you photograph. Have a wonderful new week, guys! 😊

  6. Oh Leanne, you couldn’t have post too many photographs of water. These are so beautiful! I haven’t mastered long exposure yet and want to. And your video is relaxing. Great choice of music and well done. Loved this post!

    1. That is good to know Anne, I do have a lot. Thank you. LE are a lot of fun. Maybe I should include that for post. Thanks for watching the video too.

  7. Pretty much beyond words Leanne but I’ll choose spectacular for lack of a better choice. I can only imagine what the rest of your archives look like!! Thanks for sharing your talents with us.

  8. And another tailor made for your style. Well done too. So different than me, I find myself going slowly through all the images, always more than once.

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