Thinking of things to share with you about my photography

Recently I was asked about tips for night photography and I said I would do a post on it (which I have started writing). That has got me thinking more about doing posts on tips that I find helpful and maybe more posts on my gear.

I did that post the other day about what is important, but it really only touches the surface. I know I can say a lot more about why I have what I have.

I have had people in the past ask me about what I use for macro photography. I use lots of different things, so I figure I can do some posts on that. I can do posts on most of my gear. I won’t be reviewing anything. The posts I do will be on the gear I love using.

I hope that is something that is of interest.

For those of you who celebrate Easter, Happy Easter. For those that don’t, hope you enjoy the time off.

Does a human being have a dollar value?

The header photo is sunset at St Kilda Pier and the image above is a cruise ship across Princes Pier.

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  1. Why am I betting that night photography mates with “using your tripods”? I just can’t seem to wrap my brain around tripods. I have a new one I’ll probably never use because it is too light for my cameras — or at least too fragile for my taste. I have a heavier one, but it need a new head and I hate spending the money unless I’m sure I will use it. Hmm. I guess this is my problem to work on.

    1. I think you are right Marilyn, it does, though I have seen people use fences and things like that. I think I might need to convince you. I used to feel the same way, though for me it was more about being too lazy, now I use it all the time. I think once you get used to it and learn how to use it quickly it helps a lot.

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