Time to get back to work


It has been good to take a break. I’ve made quite a few decisions and now it is time to get back to work. I spent a lot of time working out what I need and what I want to do. It is time to share all that with you.

One of the biggest changes is going to be this blog. I need to start slimming down what I do. I find that I spend so much time on social media trying to make things happen that my own photography is falling by the wayside. So things need to change and part of that is making this blog into a podcast.


Part of what I decided to do was really get into podcasting. You will have to listen to the podcast to hear what I have decided.

I will put a link here to it, but you can also subscribe to it on iTunes. It is called The Photographer’s Mentor’s Podcast. I know, original.

Here is episode 6.

There have been others, so please feel free to go back and listen to them.

Links for On1 Photo RAW 2018.5

As stated in the podcast, it helps me if you use my links to download your free trial of On1’s Photo RAW 2018.5

Please use this link, https://www.on1.com/affiliates/idevaffiliate.php?id=813_121, or click on the below image.

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Time to get back to work

The time for wallowing is gone and now I am ready to get back to work. You will need to listen to the podcast to hear about the changes I am going to be making. It is a bit long, just over 20 minutes, but should give you a good idea of where I’m heading. Though, it is planned that others will only for around 15 minutes, but who knows. I do like to talk.

I do hope you will stick around and stay part of my blog and podcast. It is an exciting new chapter I think.

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  1. Excited for you Leanne… so pleased your break helped you find your direction. Sorry for not commenting sooner… but I thought I had. I must have crossed off the wrong thing on my notes.. I love windows and Sticky Notes.. I can write down things and then delete them when I’ve done the task.

    Anyway a great thanks to you for MM, I know I only participated on the odd occasion, but I used to love seeing people’s images. In fact some images gave me inspiration to try different things.

    I know you said that if anyone wants to carry on with MM you are OK with it. So I’ve created a Mid-Week Monochrome challenge. If you want to remove the link, I understand. But should if anyone does want another Monochrome challenge here is the link https://ryanphotography.uk/mid-week-monochrome/

    Oh and I’m loving the podcastsxx Thank you so much Leanne for all you do xx

    1. Thank you Bren, it was good, not sure how I will go, but maybe it is time to just go with it.

      Yeah, it is sad to let it go, but I think it was time. No problem with doing your own, just don’t call it monochrome madness, if that is okay. All the best for it.

      Thank you, good to get some feedback on the podcasts, I really like doing them.

    1. Thank you, yeah, it is a bit sad, but perhaps time. Yeah, I want to keep going with the blog, perhaps changing it somewhat. I hope people like the photo challenges.

    2. Well, I know I will.

      Whatever comes, I do hope the blogging keeps going. As a fan I want more, but I also think that your level of quality is high and consistent, hence another side of my desire to see you keep going.

    3. That is good to hear.

      I am sure it will keep going, I’ve worked too hard to let it go, but there are going to be changes, which I think will be good for everyone as well.

      How was your trip to Melbourne, I’ve enjoyed seeing the photos you’ve been posting.

  2. It sounds very exciting, truly, Leanne. Long as I get to see images from time to time, lol. 🙂

    One of the blogs I followed years ago, he was prolific writer/blogger but drifted into podcasting when he wanted to do more short stories. The bread and butter part of his podcasting is the 100-word story. Occasionally he’ll write a blog post, but only when the short stories are longer than 100 words. Also, my daughters did a few video podcasts during their riding season, primarily talking about the horse show experience – their own and talking with a few other riders, and a couple of professionals – for the riding club they belong to. They enjoyed the process and the series.

    I understood the point you were trying to make, creativity and the business side of creativity is not easy. Plenty of detail work. I think I mentioned in a previous thread the gallery scene here in Colorado is similar to what you have found in Melbourne – you’re able to have an exhibition but selling is terribly difficult. In Colorado, landscapes are very difficult to sell. One really has to have something unique to sell. Anyway, I’m going to try my hand at selling images too as a limited series, very small scale. If I sell, fine. If I don’t, fine.

    I wish you much success in your new avenue, particularly with podcasting. I’ll certainly listen.

    1. Yes, you will definitely see my images, though I’m not doing as many now as I was. I’m working on some other stuff, but will get back to it all.

      I like podcasting, it is an interesting approach to it, and so many more people seem to keen to listen to them, which is great. I like how you can you listen to them anywhere. It is a bit daunting, and I do worry that I am just embarrassing myself, but I hope that will change with time.

      Yes, the gallery scene is so hard, part of the reason I have never really pushed selling images, but it has been nice to get some images printed and framed, they always take on another look. I like your approach it is a good one.

      Thank you David, that is great to hear.

  3. It seems, we arrived at a crossroads. I want to thank you for all the work in the past you spent in the blog and I wish you good luck for your upcoming plans. Especially for the podcasts. Listening to podcasts isn’t a thing I can follow. It’s way too hard to find a silent place and a proper device to listen to them. In the past, when I was a commuter, I used podcasts very much, but now it’s too hard to listen to any of them anymore. I’m the reader and not a listener. In general, I’m a visual human and not an auditive own. So … I don’t know.

    1. We have and looks like going in different directions from one another, I really hope we can stay in touch. Thank you for all your support.

    1. Thank you Carolyn, it is sad to see it go, but I think perhaps it is time. I’m sure you could still keep posting your photos though.

  4. No problem with MM as it’s also an effort/obligation at my end. Even if monthly, I’d likely not participate as I have other things I’m interested in and like you, time is at a premium.

    As for ON1, I already own it, so I can’t help you there. However, realize that while you can buy the program, they have a fairly annoying upgrade schedule. I agree that it’s a great program but they’ve annoyed me especially starting with their 2017 version where they removed some productivity features I used a lot (they’re still not in there in their latest release).

    I would still recommend it to people but for me personally I’ll be freezing at their current version since I use their v. 10 much more than their 2018.5 and I’ve now paid for three upgrades since v. 10 in the hope they would reinstate the features they removed and I’ve lost confidence they will do so.

    Again, this is strictly because my workflow is not served by their latest version so it’s not a slam on the product itself or its abilities (like I said, I still rely heavily on ON1 Photo 10). It’s just they’re no longer a fit for how I like to work with my photos.

    You mentioned textures and ON1 and that’s something that perhaps you can package with some tutorials (although ON1 already has a few affiliations with people selling textures and tutorials).

    Anyway, it was great to hear your voice and I wish you luck with all your efforts.

    1. I’m glad to hear you don’t mind me stopping MM. It is a bit of an effort, not just putting the post together and the emails, but also have to find an image myself for it.

      No need to apologize about having On1 Disperser. Have you contacted them about the features you miss? Maybe email me about them.

      Yes, that is exactly it, with the textures. They came to me about it, so that is a positive step. I’ve already put together some stuff for them, and will continue doing it. I need to get the videos to be really good.

      Thank you so much Disperser, for all your support, I hope you will still visit.

    2. It’s the batch processing they screwed up. It used to be interactive and flexible and it’s still not working. Believe me, many e-mails have been exchanged and still no resolution.

      I’ve given up on it, really. Moving on with my life, as it were. Plus, like I said, I still use V. 10. It’s just that I’m not going to pay for yet another upgrade as I wait (three are enough).

      Glad to hear they approached you. That’s always a good sign.

    3. I don’t do a lot of that. It is hard when they change things.

      Yeah, it was nice to actually have a company that wanted to work with me. I’ve been so sick of them just wanting to use me. So this is fantastic.

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