Weekend Wanderings: An afternoon in Trentham

Recently I had a day out at Trentham. It is a small town, but very nice and very quiet, almost laid back. It is close to another town Daylesford, which has a reputation for spas and relaxation. While Trentham isn’t quite the same it is still a lovely town and very relaxing as well.

The main reason we went was for Trentham Falls. It is quite amazing and is Victoria’s largest single drop waterfall.


Photographing waterfalls in bright sunlight is a nightmare and that is pretty much all we got. It was a bit annoying. Why are there never clouds when you want them? This waterfall has been photographed so much lately, I am almost sick of seeing it.

We headed into town for lunch after the waterfall. It is a quiet town and if you go during the week there are many places that will be closed.

After lunch we headed to the old train station.

trentham-trainstation-waterfall-pub-victoria-3801Train stations are always interesting. There are no running trains here anymore. The station is used for a market on the weekends. We were able to just wander around and take photos.

We then headed back into town and saw this.


The Cosmopolitan Hotel, really is a throw bad to the past. We don’t see many pubs like this anymore. I mean check this out.


I’m sure the stables aren’t really for horses anymore, but who would’ve thought?

It is such a pretty town and one that is great to visit. It is a very popular place on the weekends as it is only a couple of hours from the city. It is very easy to go there for the day. There is a bakery that makes great bread, but there is always a long queue, so get there early.

I have some more photos of the train station and the hotel for you to look at now. We did photograph some other places, but I think these are enough for today.  I hope your weekend is going well.

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  1. What I love so much about these pictures is that fact that, except for the falls, if you had told me you shot these in a small Kansas, USA town, I totally would have believed you.

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