Weekend Wanderings: Melbourne’s White Night

This is a fairly new thing for Melbourne, but every year in February we have White Night. The city centre is closed to traffic, all of it, even trams, for the whole night and the buildings are lit up with amazing light shows. There are installations everywhere as well. They go on all night and there are people everywhere. It is a popular event. 

I haven’t been before, and will admit if I wasn’t going there for another reason I probably wouldn’t have gone this year either. I know it is amazing, but there are just too many people for me, and crowds like that can be crazy. It was a great experience and nice to see, but really hard for photography.

I went because Benro Australia was running an event and as an Ambassador for them I wanted to support them. It was good to go and show people what the tripods and bags were like. I do love both of mine and I use them constantly now. The other thing I was doing was trying out the Canon 5D Mark IV to see how it would be. You can’t really do long exposures of what they were showing, otherwise you would just get a big blur, but it was great to try out the ISO settings. I took some at ISO 25600 and then turned it to 12800. Quite amazing really. There was noise, but compared to what I used to get with a camera I had a few years ago, it wasn’t much. I ended up just using it on that after while and taking photos.

I still can’t believe I’ve been given this amazing opportunity by Canon Australia to try out the Canon camera and lens. My favourite lens has to be the 16-35mm. I think I’ve been using it the most. I will really miss it when it goes back later this week.

I have some photos for you. We didn’t move around much, as it was hard with the people that were with us. It is really difficult to keep a large group of people together when there are so many people around. It was interesting and I know if you google White Night you will see so many great images.

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  1. Beautifully done for White Night, Leanne. You braved the crowds and these photos are incredible for night photography. Very little grain. Hope it wasn’t too bad getting home. I didn’t go this year. Decided to sit it out and didn’t want to be caught in a crowd. Definitely looks like there were a lot of who turned up..

    Very nice to see you liking the camera Canon loaned you. I have always loved Canon. Do you find the Canon camera easy to use, compared to your Nikon? Then again, with any camera and anything really you just got to learn how to use it and then it will be pretty smooth sailing.

    1. Thank you Mabel, it was my first time going, and I didn’t see a lot. It was very very crowded and there were so many people there. I got a lift, so that made it easier.

      The camera was really nice. I had some trouble with some things, but it could be because I am used to the way the Nikon works. I won’t be converting to Canon, but it was nice to give it a go. The thing I did love was the 16 to 35mm lens, so I might have to try and get one of those for my Nikon camera. It was perfect for long exposures and much of the photography I do.

  2. Another reason to visit Melbourne! Wonderful idea to get people to come downtown. These new ISO capabilities are amazing.

    1. Yes, though it only happens in Feb each year. They are amazing, the cameras are getting better and better. Thanks Patti.

  3. A very enjoyable post on the Canon camera and the night photos it is able to produce! The highest ISO setting for my Canon SX 280 is 3200 and it makes very grainy pictures at that setting. But 25600, that is incredible!

    1. Glad you enjoyed it Peter, it is amazing the range in ISO of the more recent cameras. Even the Nikon D5600 goes up to 25600. Thanks

  4. What an interesting night. I agree with you. I don’t like crowds much. It stresses me out most times. Glad you made it and got the chance to show us a little bit about it! Interesting to hear about the high ISO and still little noise. I do seem to lean more towards Canons. However, I still have a Nikon I play with too. So many camera options.

    1. It was Michelle, it was quite amazing, and sooo many people. I just find the people annoying, they get in the way. lol Good to hear you liked seeing some of it, it was a fun shoot. Yeah, I was really amazed at it, I can remember my old Nikon being so bad. Not that I tend to need high ISO much, I am usually on a tripod. That’s good, with the options. I am really leaning towards the Canon now too, it is quite amazing, I love the touch screen. Need to play around with the WiFi today. Thank you Michelle.

    2. LOL-I hear you, I hate when people get in the way of my shots too! I was in love with my Nikon. My Canon is just newer, so it probably has some nicer features. It doesn’t have wifi or a touch screen though. Those sound great!

    3. This one has both, though I haven’t played with the wifi yet, must do that today before it goes back tomorrow. I am really going to miss this one, I think I might have to convert.

  5. Lovely shots.
    I love your shots Leanne.
    With the incredibly high ISOs now available I’d like to use them more – I need to play more with removing noise in edit

  6. I’m with you in loathing crowds. Large crowds make me claustrophobic and provoke panic attacks. So well done for pushing yourself to attend this event. It looks to be an outstanding show.

    1. Yeah, they can be very annoying and never seem to follow any rules. That’s not good to have that happen, I don’t suffer that, just the way people act drives me crazy. Thank you, I am so glad I went.

  7. This looks very cool, Leanne. One Friday night a month the downtown streets in my town are closed to vehicular traffic so all the bars, restaurants and galleries can stay open and we can support downtown without all the traffic. But it is nothing like this! You like the camera?

    1. It is Lois, I wish they did that here on a regular basis, nice not to have to worry about the traffic. I love the camera, I have to say. It is so good and I am constantly learning new things with it. I am seriously considering switching, well I have to see how about money first, but I could be persuaded.Thanks Lois

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