Weekend Wanderings: Reposting Yackandandah

Things have been changing around here. I haven’t been able to get out as much as I would like to take photos, and when I do what I get is very different. I might need to rethink these posts and perhaps start posting something different on the weekends. I didn’t want to go another whole weekend without doing a Weekend Wandering post, so I thought I would do a repost and start working on something new for the weekends. Today I have some photos that I took 2 years ago. I hope you enjoy either seeing them again, or seeing them for the first time.


Last week or the week before I had to go to Wodonga with my daughter, she had to do something at the University there, and in the morning I had some time to kill so  some friends suggested that I go to Yackandandah to look around and take some photos.  It is an old Gold Mining town, and I have to say I wasn’t disappointed.


There you are the sign says it all. Like many places in Victoria gold played a big part in their history.  You can see the remnants of that period in them as well.


The wide footpaths in the main streets with the verandah part covering the whole part of the footpath.  Such an old fashioned thing now.  I love seeing them.  Walking along the street here I was very much reminded of Maldon, another gold rush town in Victoria, but Maldon is so much busier, and I don’t think nearly as pretty as Yackandandah.  There was a beautiful quaintness about it that I feel in love with.


There are the nods to the history of the town as well.  They embrace that history and you can find information about it in many places.  I discovered this place and some others just from wandering off the main street. Sometimes it is good to have the time to just wander around and see what you find.  I wish I’d had more time to spend there. My daughters class was only three hours, so I was limited to that.


It was very quiet when I got there and places like the skate park were very quiet.  The light on that morning was wonderful, and it really brought the colours out everywhere.


This guy caught my eye, how could he not really.  It looks like he is guarding the Yackandandah Motor Garage, although it doesn’t take long to realise it is no longer the garage, but now it is the Spiritus Art Gallery and the creature in front is one of the main artworks that are available for sale there.  I took so many photos of him, that will be in the gallery.  I also took some photos inside the gallery.  Not really meant to, but was given permission for the blog.

I spoke to the guy who ran it, and I am so sorry I can’t remember his name, but I think it was Wayne.  He gave me lots of information about the town and told me some spots to go to take photos.  See talking to the locals can be great.

I have a gallery for you now of the images I took while walking around the town.  Tomorrow I have other photos that I took while driving, well I wasn’t driving when I took them, but I had to drive to get to the places.  You have to love a town that is fun to say, and Yackandandah was a great place, shame it is 3 hours drive away, but I I would like to go back.  I think a weekend trip might be in order, anyone recommend somewhere nice to say that won’t cost me too much.

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  1. Talking to locals is always the best, especially when it comes to finding out of the way places or great eats! Love your shot of the sunflowers.

    1. That sculpture was amazing, I spent so much time looking at it. It was a great place to visit John, would be nice to go back to one day. Thanks.

    1. So do I Ruth, I often plant things in the garden because I love saying the name of them. Lilly Pillies, how cool is that for a tree. Thank you.

  2. I recall gold mining towns when I lived in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. So much fun! Nice to see your pics. Love that metal sculpture!

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