Weekend Wanderings: Taking a Peek Around the City


The other day I spent the day walking around the city with my camera. I had a plan and was looking for things for some new work that I want to do.

I have already done a post with images I took, but it is on my other blog and I will add the link if you want to see them. However, for here I wanted to show you some other photos that I have done a lot more work on. I enjoy playing with the photos and it was nice to see what I could do. Instagram has really been encouraging me to play more with my photos.


First I went to the State Library of Victoria. When I got there to the Domed Reading Room there were almost no people there so it seemed like a good opportunity to get some photos of the tables and lights.


I love the old chairs that are in there. I think they are original and it seems rather incredible that they are still being used. They are very comfortable.


I have been playing with photos of the city. I’ve been experimenting with more things that I can do. You will see a lot more of these with time.


Christmas decorations are starting to appear on many things now, including this bridge. I took out the colour on the big bow on the bridge so it would blend in more. Seems to be a scene that people like.

I’ve been experimenting with making the images seem almost surreal. I’m not there yet, but I do want to keep playing and will see how I go with them.

It is the weekend now and I hope you are having a great time. I don’t have a lot planned, but it seems another trip into the city is on the cards.



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  1. Thank you Leanne for sharing your amazing photographs. I really love the library ones. The chairs in the main reading room have always been my favourite.

    1. No, thank you for looking at them Simon. I do love Melbourne and the State Library is such an incredible place to photograph. It reminds me of the couple of years that I worked there, many moons ago.

  2. You make the library look like a theatre and the cityscapes have a science fiction-look to them, especially the last one. But I suspect that was the intention?`Very inspiring..

    1. I like your descriptions. It always amazes me how good people are at doing that. Makes me rethink my images, it’s great. Thank you so much and I suspect you were spot on.

  3. Thanks for sharing these lovely photos of our city, Leanne. I really like the way you have used muted tones in the two Yarra River shots.

    And what a magnificent space, the State Library. I think photos with few people in the library would be equally interesting perhaps giving it more depth and perspective. I really like the leading lines created by the low angle view.

    1. You’re welcome Don. I love photographing Melbourne. Thanks

      I think so too, I love the library. I used to work there many many years ago, before the renovations and when the museum was still there. I still love it. Thank you Don.

  4. Anytime you can get a photo of reading room or a library with almost no people, that is a prize in itself. Nice capture. Also, I like the “surreal effect” you put on the bridge. If you didn’t note the ribbon, I wouldn’t have noticed. 🙂

    1. I think so too David, I must try and get there when it is opening one day.I’m glad to hear that about the ribbon, I was hoping I could help it disappear. Thank you David. 🙂

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