Weekend Wanderings: St Leonards then over to Queenscliff


For this weekend wanderings I spent time down in St Leonards catching up with a friend and we then wandered over to Queenscliff.

Weekend Wanderings: St Leonards, then over to Queenscliff

It is a lovely part of the bay. It is just inside bay, and over the other side of Geelong from here. There are lots of piers down there to take photos of and great places for long exposure photography.

I’m learning to take normal photos as well, the ones without the filters that is. I tend to let the whole long exposure thing take over, but I’m trying to learn to do both, that way I can combine images and that sort of thing.

I went down on Saturday, and that evening we headed down to the pier at St Leonards. It was hard to get images as there were people fishing everywhere. I did what I could, as you will see.

Then this morning we headed down to Queenscliff to one of the piers there to get the sunrise. Again, there wasn’t much of one. Too many clouds this week and will continue next week as well.

I’m tired now, and I’m going to leave you here. Though, I do have some photos for you. I think they came up okay, I hope you like them too.

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  1. Hi Leanne, My favourites are the one with the fishing persons and the Queenscliffe Pier especially the first one of those two. It is a place we knew well and maybe will get back there one day. We have had a great autumn and I am looking forward to the sunny winter days where we will have long shadows. Photographically I love the Autumn, Winter and Spring. Besides that Winter is a great opportunity to catch up on some post processing. I feel that Long Exposure photography has its place but a lot of Images can really fall flat.

    1. I think those ones have been popular with quite a few people Ron. I’m looking forward to lots of clouds and no more heat. I love long exposures. thanks

  2. You may not have found the colourful skies you were hoping for but the moody skies you have captured are pretty spectacular nevertheless.

    1. I have to admit, I will go out and shoot those colourful skies, but much prefer dark and brooding anytime. Thank you so much Laura.

  3. You captured the autumnal atmosphere in Australia, Leanne. I see fall weather with its dark clouds and rain have come, which you prefer.

    1. I like that Peter, we have had a great autumn, best one in years, but not good for photos. I’m looking forward to more clouds, and we are starting to get them. Thank you.

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