Welfare Check

Welfare Check

I thought for today’s post it might be nice to do a welfare check. To see how you are all doing. So how are you? What have you been up to?

It is a hard time for many right now. Many of us are scared or nervous about how a pandemic can change our world. Others are struggling because they have lost their jobs and who knows if they will be able to get another one.

Mental health is a real concern for so many people too, especially those that live alone. Whether you are in lockdown or not.

Melbourne is still in lockdown, stage 4, but there is light at the end and we hope that that will change as we get to the end of September. The numbers are right now down and that is so good. I have to stay I haven’t disagreed with how our state premier has dealt with the crisis at all. I just hope it is enough that we don’t have a third wave.

Me, giving you my welfare check

I’m still baking bread, though I have had to stop baking cakes so much, my husband was complaining about his weight and how much he was eating. Still, I will do more, just not as much.

It has been strange when I think about 12 months ago and how into social media I was and now I just can’t be bothered. I hardly ever post on Instagram or Facebook anymore. There doesn’t seem a lot of point. Perhaps this time that I have been stuck at home has given me another focus in life.

With Dave working from home I am looking after him and I like it. I enjoy cooking his meals and making the home a good place for him to work in.

So, overall I’m doing okay. I won’t lie and say I can’t wait to get out and take photos again, but I know when that does happen I will probably still want to stay home a lot. Home is a place I really enjoy and I do love the kitchen.

One of the biggest changes as been here. It has been so good to see how many of you have embraced the change in the blog and I am really enjoying it again. Thank you.

So that is my welfare check.

How about you?

While I hope you are doing well too, I encourage you to call people and make sure they are doing well.

It has amazed me how I have hardly heard from any of my friends. I decided that I am nearly always the one that does the contacting, so I am now not doing that. You know what, I really was the one doing all the calling for nearly all of my friends as I never hear from them. Sad really.

Give a friend a call.

So who will you call?

Here are some photos of Docklands. I used to get so bored taking photos there, all the time, but now I can’t wait to get back there.

Welfare Check

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  1. Lovely post & photos. I can relate to your comments on not hearing from friends. I have to admit I’m socially awkward at the best of times, and lockdown has not helped that. So feel slightly more cut off than normal. In someways it hasn’t bothered me too much though. Not sure if that’s a bad thing or not 🙄

    1. Thank you Ryan. I am a bit the same, I’m okay with one on one, but lots of people, nope, hate it. I’m sorry to hear you are feeling cut off. Haha, I know waht you mean, I’m wondering a bit the same. If I don’t need to hear from those friends, do I need them. Interesting idea.

  2. My welfare check report …

    I guess I’m doing okay. Since July, I’m largely by myself. The daughters have been away at med school and haven’t come home every weekend like they did before the lockdown. My wife, Laurie, and ex-wife, Andrea, continue to work at University Hospital in Denver (adjacent to the med school) since late March after being reassigned on an open-ended basis. When will they will come home is still undecided, but I haven’t seen either much: Laurie – 8 days, Andrea – 13 days. All this separation is to keep them healthy, keep me healthy. Other than the critters, I’m okay with the solitary life. Who do I call on a regular basis? The daughters, Laurie, Andrea everyday, at least I try to. In terms of calling friends, I’m the one doing the calling. There have been stretches of 3-4-5-6-7 days when I talk to absolutely no one. While I live rural, my nearest neighbor is about 5 miles away. Before the pandemic restrictions, we used to talk once a day. Over the summer (your winter), the contact has dwindled considerably – one time to Amanda five weeks ago. They are cattle ranchers, so they can go for long stretches without talking to “outsiders.” With COVID starting to spread more into rural parts here, it makes sense to limit contact.

    In terms of COVID itself, we haven’t reached the end of the first wave. The number of new cases, more deaths continue to increase. It’s mostly been slowing the rate of increase, but no downward turn in which no new cases, no COVID deaths occur. With universities and schools beginning to reopen, there has been a lot of uncertainty. Several schools that have reopened have had to close one, two days later after discovering someone may have COVID. Rather than closing the school for 14 days, it’s only closed for 2-4 days to spray disinfectant. The main campus of the University of Colorado in Boulder is under quarantine for 14 days when 300 students were found to be COVID positive. Guidance has been woefully short.

    1. Sounds like it is good that you like the solitary life, David. It can be hard, and I know a few friends who are living on their own and they have struggled with it a bit. Dave is here with me, so that is good. Thank goodness for modern technology, we are so lucky that we can call, or zoom, or skype. So many options. I think back to what it was like 50 or so years ago and it would have been horrible then.

      I have to admit, I wouldn’t want to live there. As you said so much uncertainty. Let’s hope for a quick recovery from this pandemic. We have done well and they are saying we will get good news tomorrow. I hope it means I can visit my daughters.
      Thank you David, lovely to hear from you.

    2. The solitary life is not for everyone. It is really getting into a routine and sticking with it – getting up the same time everyday, preparing yourself like you’re going to work though you’re staying at home, etc. Though these are serious times, there is always something there to make you smile or laugh. There’s enough stupid out there that can fill that bill.

      However, I got hit with the flu bug. Considering I interact with so few people, mostly none, I’m a little stumped where/who I picked it from. Anyway, I’m feeling much better. And, I have enough food on hand so I can stay away from the market.

      Stay safe, stay well.

    3. I don’t think I could do it, thank goodness I’m not here alone. I have a friend who copes well on her own, but another one that doesn’t so much. Good to hear you are looking for the joy in your life David. Good to hear.

      That doesn’t sound good. The flu has just about been wiped out here this year, probably because we are all social distancing and not allowed to go out much. One benefit I guess.
      You stay safe and entertained too David.

  3. Hello Leanne,
    So nice of you to encourage doing welfare checks in these days of gloom and uncertainty. My family is doing alright. Not much outside activity. Once a week a quick run through the grocery, maybe a short stroll in the park and the rest of the time it is at home or in the car. It is a shame that the once great United States have become the pits and laughingstock. We can’t get past politics no matter how bad, how deadly we have allowed the pandemic to become. Sad. I will now go and check on my friends. Thanks for the push!

    1. Hi Ludwig, lovely to hear from you.
      YOu sound like me, well except for the stroll, my garden is plenty right now. I have to say, it has been weird watching what is going on there, and unfortunately I don’t think the end of it is near. I really hope you get a great result in November. Thank you Ludwig.

  4. Because I’m on the road as a full time traveler, I have less of the lack of freedom mindset.
    What has been interesting to see is how people in the US vary in their mask compliance. I’m happy to see that in most places, compliance is increasing.
    I look forward to your awesome work again in the future!

    1. They are now saying masks are the way to go. It is compulsory in Melbourne and if you aren’t wearing one you can end up with a $200 fine. I don’t like masks, but I understand they are necessary. I get what they are for.
      That is great to hear, thank you.

  5. Although I’ve never been a social animal, I’ve been missing having coffee with a friend now and then. But, also no contact from them throughout this lockdown, so it probably says it all… It is good that you found something you love and enjoy doing and cutting down on social media is something I found very necessary because of how it upset me (especially all the false news going around)

    1. Oh yes, coffee or going out for a meal or something like that. It has been good, I must say I haven’t minded lockdown too much. I’m sure when it is over not much in our house will change. Thanks for checking in Zelmare.

  6. Melbourne really had a second wave. The lockdown must have been very severe, since it brought down the numbers. We’ve been in partial lockdown for almost six months now, with no respite in numbers. I seem to get much more done working out of home, but it’s not easy to function without social contact.

    1. It really did, and yeah the lockdown was very strict, almost couldn’t leave the house at all. I think a lot of people are finding the same, my husband is loving working from home and wants to continue doing it after this. Six months is a long time. Though here they have been strict and people get fined if they don’t obey and those fines are pretty hefty.
      Thank you and good luck.

  7. Good to know you’re doing okay and hopefully better than okay Leanne.
    I’m doing well, I’m busy with work. The border to the homeland opens this Friday to residents of the ACT so I’m planning a week off in October. It’ll be the first time off since January.

    1. Yes, definitely better than okay. We are lucky.
      That sounds great. Apparently we will start getting some restrictions lifted on Sunday, or at least some announced. It will be nice to visit family. Good luck and enjoy your time off Gary. Thankyou.

  8. Estoy de acuerdo las prioridades de nuestra vida cambiaron, ahora la fotografía pasa a un segundo o tercer puesto.

    Lo importante es la salud y el bienestar de nuestras familias y amigos.

    Pero aún así el gusanillo de sacar fotografías sigue intacto seguramente con más fuerza.

  9. It’s too bad some of your regulars aren’t commenting! I became a regular when your blog changed.
    When the pandemic hit my life didn’t change much because I am a homebody and retired. My big focus has always been the home as I am an old fashion woman. I was home to raise my kids and make a home for my husband. I worked when I first was married but quit shortly after becoming pregnant. We owned a business for awhile and I worked part-time at that time.
    Anyway, the things that changed during Covid are: I stopped meeting with friends and we started Zooming church. The last few weeks I’ve been meeting with one of my friends again.
    I know Covid has bothered many people and poor mental health is way up. I can understand this for those like my mom who have been isolated in her Senior living apartment. But she is like me and it hasn’t bothered all that much. Monday she went to live with my sister for a time.
    The thing that surprised me is I thought by now it would be over. I can’t believe it is hanging on and probably well until a vaccine is found. If it is found. I don’t think much about this. It’s just depressing to think of the what ifs.
    So bottom-line I am doing fine! 🙂

    1. I am so glad you have like the blog Lena.
      I must be an old fashioned woman too, I love being home too, my husband is the same. Definitely home bodies. I stayed home with my girls too.
      Yeah, catching up with friends can be hard, my daughters have both moved out and it has been hard not being able to see them. Especially the youngest who has moved to a new place, it is close but I can’t go and see her, or see her new home.
      We are doing much the same, I think it hanging around has more to do with those that are leading us and their priorities, which don’t always align with what the country needs. Our national leader is fighting with the state leaders. It is pretty disgusting really.
      Thank you Lena.

    2. I went on your blog and noticed more people commented on this post. Very nice! There isn’t much fighting between leaders here. Some but not much. The people are putting up a fuss with their governors. Our governor has been strict from the start because we were one of the worse states. Plus she was acting alone which is a big No No here. So people have been upset with her on different levels. However I just saw a map of the US which showed how individual states are doing. Our state is no longer one of the worse. We have gone up by two degrees. Some of the governor’s tactics have been wrong but the outcome is good.
      I will be so glad when we are saying, “Remember when?”

    3. Yes, I have been a bit slack with comments. Too busy away from the computer. Your governors are the same as our premiers and we have to rely on ours to get things under control. Your story sounds so similar to ours here, though we are being told we can expect some good news tomorrow. Fingers crossed that I may be able to visit my daughter.
      That will be great when we can say that, can’t wait.

  10. Good to hear that you’ve found some contentment in this crazy situation. I have less of a problem dealing with the pandemic then our presidential election. I can’t envision another 4 years of Trump.

    1. Thank you Anne, it has been good, we are very lucky. We don’t want another 4 years of Trump either, it is too scary for the world.

  11. Saving lots of money staying at home and when I do go out to live life I do so safely. A busy time in New England with picking apples in the sunshine and cooler temps as well as dividing perennials. So all is good here as well in my spot of NH, USA.

    1. We are saving lots of money as well. My husband working at home has meant saving so much. Sounds wonderful Eunice and good to here you are being safe. Thank you.

    2. 🙂 I always look for the silver lining lol though now to focus on each project and get them completed before snow arrives. How are the whales over in your country did they get rescued?

    3. It is a good think if you can do that Eunice. The whales didn’t do well. It was so sad to see what happened there. So many died. I wish they knew why they do that.

  12. up and down here in the states, worried about the pandemic and the upcoming election, both

    1. I think many of us are worried for you too. The election is scary. I wish you all the best Beth, and let’s hope for a great outcome.

  13. Beautiful pictures but an even nicer sentiment. Thank you for asking Leanne. Here in the UK ( near Liverpool ) we are seeing a large increase in cases, the second spike. As from Tuesday we won’t be allowed to visit other houses in the area and bars etc must shut by 10pm. At least i can get out with my camera so hopefully i can carry on recording the world around me. Take care everyone. Hope you can all stay safe.

    1. Thank you Ian. We have been seeing those huge spikes too, seems a lot of governments around the world are reluctant to do anything about the second wave. It is sad.
      I might be able to get out with my camera soon, it is looking good here, our Premier is talking about starting to lift restrictions this Sunday. It will be nice.
      YOu take care to Ian.

  14. Dear Leanne,

    Thank you so much for this great post, it looks more like a personal mail from a friend …

    You have summarized the current situation perfectly and all different concerns associated with it.

    I am from Kerala, a small but very interesting state at the South Western tip of India.

    We have a very good health system and a decentralized governing mechanism in place and the HDI of Kerala is much above the rest of India and comparable to many a developed countries.

    We did manage to keep the Covid-19 spread in check during the first 4 months, but now the number is soaring.

    Luckily, the mortality rate here is just 0.4%, thanks to our government’s policies and the hard work of different departments.

    On a personal front, myself and family are taking extra care and we are under self imposed lock down 🙂

    My wife, a teacher, is managing her work with online classes and my kids are also trying to cope up with all the constraints of a lock down.

    I am the one, who is really struggling to manage my work with restricted travel as I work in the area of community tourism and I have to work with people in different locations.

    As it’s obvious, tourism is one domain which has been impacted by this Pandemic the most and there are scores of people suffering due to lack of any revenue.

    As an organization, we are trying our best to support the needy and trying to keep our self afloat, as our research wing is helping us with sufficient projects.

    In a country like India, where a huge percentage of people work in unorganized sector and depend on daily wage labor, life is getting tougher day by day.

    So it’s a tough time for the government to draw a fine line considering sustaining economic activities and containing the spread of Covid by imposing restrictions.

    This phase teaches quite some lessons too, the importance of following long forgotten resilient practices in agriculture, food security, local self sufficiency and most importantly cooperation and community connect.

    As always, your images and words are an inspiration in my blogging journey and thank you for this beautiful post 🙂

    1. Hey Sreejith, I think in many ways, I feel like you guys are my friends.
      Sounds like your part of India is doing way better than others. From what we have been seeing it is really bad.
      Good to hear that you are taking precautions and being careful.
      Tourism is taking a massive hit here as well. They were talking on the news yesterday how no overseas visitors has been a strain for the industry.
      YOu are right it really is a tough time all around the world.
      Thank you so much and good to hear how you are coping.

  15. Glad you are coping. Must be tricky where you are. Southampton is still not too bad but students will be back soon. I would bake more if cakes were calorie free! Just started Instagram not sure if it’s really for me or not. Doing the riskiest thing I have done so far and bubbling with my daughter’s family for the weekend. Look forward to hearing more about your baking and see new photography when you can get out.

    1. It has been tricky here, but thankfully, things are looking good, the number of cases are right down and they are starting to talk about lifting restrictions, which is great. Not sure when, but we don’t have to wait too long. I am with you on the calorie free cakes, if only. I am stepping away from Instagram. I am starting to think that social media is just a way of making you feel like you are a failure. Oh, maybe I should do a blog post about that. Thank you so much RJ, I’m starting to plan more.

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