Why do I need to replace my kitchen cupboards?

Why do I need to replace my kitchen cupboards?

This morning I was having a discussion and I wanted to know why do I need to replace my kitchen cupboards? It is a valid question.

My kitchen

My house was built in 1974 and it has many of the features that you would expect from a house built during that time. Surprisingly, the kitchen in the house is the original one that was built with it.

Another interesting fact is that it would have been built by the carpenters who built the house. So it is pretty basic, but also tough.

When you think about it my kitchen is almost 50 years old and it still works well. It isn’t really falling apart. There were some problems, but we have had them fixed.

Replacing the benchtops

This is something I definitely want to do. We put new laminex on the benches not long after we moved here because we had to replace the stovetop.

We were new to the whole owning a new home and the choice we made wasn’t great. It is hard to clean and looks out of place. When we had the kitchen painted the colours chosen have now made the benches look pink. I hate pink.

My stovetop

My stovetop is around 25 years old now and it has been fantastic, but I know it is coming to the end of its life. We put in a glass ceramic stovetop because it is on the island bench and it gets used like a bench. It is far easier to clean.

You can see it below.

Why do I need to replace my kitchen cupboards?

It has been fantastic, but when I looked up to see its life span it said 12 to 15 years. Well, mine is well and truly past that. I want an induction stove next.

My husband, Dave, won’t let me replace it until it stops working. Even though part of it doesn’t work as well as it used to. It will happen, but I don’t know when.

When it does happen I want to completely change the bench tops at the same time. I think wooden tops would be great. I love wood.

So, here is the question, do I need to replace my kitchen cupboards?

This morning I was talking to my plumber and he thinks I should replace all the cupboards as well. That they are old and aren’t meant to last a long time. They have lasted a long time, but they are still in good shape.

A couple of the doors don’t close completely, but that is about it. I have made it work for me.

Why do I need to replace my kitchen cupboards?

It is a solid kitchen and from the ones I’ve seen that get built these days, I don’t think any of them would have lasted for as long as this one has.

Perhaps it isn’t the prettiest kitchen, but if it works and doesn’t seem to be falling apart so why do I need to replace it? Why do I need to create more landfill just so it is nicer?

My impact on the environment is very important to me and throwing out this kitchen would just be a waste. I could understand it if it was falling apart and looking very shabby, but that isn’t the case.

I think I will hang onto it for much longer now. Replacing to me means landfill, and I am trying to stop as much of that as I can. What do you think?

Banana bread with walnuts

So on a little side note, I made some.

It is in the oven baking right now and it smells so good. I love banana bread/cake. With walnuts, it is even better.

You can find the recipe here, BANANA BREAD WITH WALNUTS

It is so easy to make and I will be enjoying it for the next few days. What have you been baking?

Why do I need to replace my kitchen cupboards?

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  1. This kitchen often 50 years old. Now this is the time of end. I know most of the furniture and kitchen instrument is coming to the end of its life. That’s why this is very valid reason to change old kitchen instrument.

  2. Hi Leanne! Since it is wood, I think that a good sanding and a few layers of paint and new handles will do wonders to make it look spic and span. 🙂

    1. Yeah, I think that is the direction I am going to go in. When it actually starts falling apart that much that it can’t be fixed, then it will be time to replace it I think. Thank you Zelmare.

  3. For it’s age, your kitchen looks good. One thing we do here in the states is that the cabinets can be re-faced. That can be as simple as a re-paint or you could have the doors reworked and restrained or whatever.

    I hate remodeling; I don’t like to have my routines disrupted. So who knows about your dilemma. But a newer stove thst is more efficient seems reasonable as does updated look on your cabinets. Best of luck!

    1. Thank you Tim, I think the same. We did think about getting new cabinet doors many years ago, but in the end stuck with what we have. If it works why replace it. I think repainting at some stage will be good.

      I am with you there. I had having tradesman in the house. It is so disruptive. We do have to get the ensuite redone and I am not looking forward to that at all. I think it is reasonable too for the new stove, but you know Dave thinks if it is working why replace it? It can be frustrating at times. Thanks again.

    2. You are welcome. I think we all have such diverse ideas about home stuff. I am probably more like Dave, except then I will some something new with new cool stuff and think, “I need that”. If you are a sci-fi nerd like I am, I will say, “Use the force.” 🙂

  4. What type of new stovetop are you thinking about. I use a portable induction hob now for all my “stovetop” cooking. I understand installing a proper induction stovetop is expensive, but induction is almost as fast as gas and it has great instant control.
    I’m currently renting a flat. but if I bought a place I’d be looking at installing an induction stovetop.

    1. I really want an induction stovetop. I have forgotten to turn off elements on my current one. I forgot I had used one one night and put my phone on it, thankfully I got it off before it melted. The induction would be perfect for me. They are expensive, but also very efficient, you have to love that. Thank you Gary, I hope you get one too one day.

  5. We have a similar situation. Our house was built in 1968 and we bought from the original owner who had not changed a thing, not even to redecorate, since 1970. The one exception was the kitchen which dated from no later than 1990. Compared to the rest of the house, therefore, our kitchen looks positively modern. The cabinets were obviously top notch quality when they were installed as they are in very good condition. We, therefore, have no impetus to rip them out other than them not being our personal style. We also had to take a saw to one cabinet as we had to replace a fridge and modern fridge dimensions did not work in the space. We came to the same conclusion as you, however, in that we did not want to generate waste and use resources for no good reason beyond aesthetics. Painting the walls did a lot to freshen up the kitchen and make the colour of the cabinets a bit less “beige”.

    1. Our house has had some updating before we bought it, but the kitchen had only been painted. We also desperately need to replace the ensuite bathroom, so that is the next big job for us.
      You have to love it when they built things to last. I can remember living in some really dodgy places when I was growing up, so this need to have everything brand spanking new is just a marketing trick for all of us. I am thinking a paint job will do wonders in our place as well. Less waste is always good. Thank you Laura for sharing what you have done, good to hear.

  6. If they’re still functional then I would say no, but I also dislike spending money unless I need to 😅 You wouldn’t believe what a new coat of paint could do for you 🙂

    1. My husband is like that, only spends money if we absolutely have to. Though we learned a bit lesson with our roof and now he will do it before it gets so bad that it costs us a lot more. I agree about the new paint, thank you.

  7. Having spent the last year looking at my kitchen I too am contemplating a makeover having watched all the HGTV I can muster. I hate cabinets so I will rip them down, paint the walls pretty and bright add pretty live edge wooden shelves . I must have a sink so I suppose that requires a counter but that to will be pretty local wood I will take out the center island lay new flooring mine is from the original build from 1950 and for new cabinets I will add just a built in pantry to hold spices, dry and canned goods and shelves to house pots and pans I do not hang from a rack. Lighting, now I require nice light as it has just one window over the sink and a pretty door but in winter it is too dark winters in NH are bad enough lol

    Hope you are well have a wonderful holiday season and have fun on your project.

    1. Sounds like a complete makeover almost Eunice, you have put a lot of thought into it. That is great to hear. I think mine will eventually just get the new benchtops and then a lick of paint. It will do for another 10 or so years.
      We are putting in more light, it faces south, so it can be pretty dark in there sadly.
      Thank you and you have a great season too.

    2. We just had two new lights installed about the kitchen sink and they have made such a difference, we think we will replace a lot more lights around the house now. Thanks Eunice.

  8. I agree with Helen. Also if you do have to remove the kitchen, there are people who would buy band remove your old one. We sold my besties kitchen from a 90’s house for $800 to a kitchen joinery

    1. I don’t think you could do that to this one. It isn’t built like modern kitchens. There aren’t box things if you know what I mean. The shelves are attached to the walls and it is all very basic. You would have to destroy it to remove it. I am happy with it, a lick of paint and some new bench tops and it will be good I think. Thank you Bushboy, nice idea, but not for my kitchen unfortunately.

    2. It would be quite difficult. Yes paint and fix what you can. My kitchen cupboard doors came from a demolished kitchen as you say not a built in box type.

  9. I have a solid wooden bench top (Jarrah) and its great. We had it installed in 2004. I oil it from time to time and use glass placemats to protect it in high use areas and it is still looking good. I would suggest having a couple of your doors rehung or replace the hinges so that they look more even and close properly and perhaps give them all a new coat of paint, but otherwise it looks okay from the photos you have posted. As you say, if you have a new kitchen installed, it all goes to landfill with no attempt at recycling, which is really disappointing.

    1. I love the idea of your bench top Helen, sounds really good. I had thought of using the bench as a chopping board as well. We don’t eat meat so we never have to worry about that, but I think when I finally get them, I will be too scared to do that. We have looked in doing that and had some fixed, but the two that don’t close properly, apparently the hinges are hard to get and I can live with it. New paint is something I’ve considered, but I want to wait to see what I end up with on the benches first. I so agree, it is terrible how that happens as well. Landfill is something that needs to be considered. Thank you Helen.

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