Happy Valentine’s Day

This is not a holiday I would normally celebrate or do anything for, but this year I couldn’t resist.

We have been married for almost 32 years now and the only time Dave ever gave me anything for Valentine’s Day was the first one we spent together. This year I found a reason to change that.

I was sent an email from Mary Eats Cake, which is a great place to have high tea. I’ve been there for it once and it was so good.

During the pandemic, they couldn’t be open for high tea so they started doing boxes that you could order and have delivered. I kept looking at them and thinking I want one.

However, Dave isn’t too keen on high tea so I kept looking. Then a couple of weeks ago I saw they were doing a special cake box for Valentine’s Day. I thought this will be fun. I will order it for Dave for the special day and he can share it with me. So I did.

This is what was in it and I have to say so far everything has been delicious.

So I hope you all have a happy Valentine’s Day and maybe someone gets you something special too. We can all hope.

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  1. What a lovely treat! Aren’t the cakes pretty. The first Valentines Day after we were married Mr ET gave me an Elton John album (in the olden days when music came on vinyl 🙂 ) Anyway, it was an album of love songs and I thought it was pretty romantic until he said “I bought this one because I wanted it too.” LOL

    1. The cakes were gorgeous to look at and to eat. Have you ever been there when in Melbourne?
      I love your story, it was great. Sounds like this one here, I wanted it and thought I would use a gift for him on Valentines day to get it. lol

  2. Happy Valentine’s to both of you, too, Leanne! As for me, Valentine’s Day is our wedding anniversary, so it’s impossible for my husband to forget (or he’ll be really in trouble:).) High tea is not customary here in America , but I got a lot of chocolate and flowers from my husband! In fact, I already had some chocolate for breakfast:)!
    P.S. Highly recommend sea salt Ghirardelli!

    1. Thank you Svetlana, and same back. Haha, that is handy, our wedding anniversary is next month. Yeah high tea is a very English thing, I love it. That is good, my husband can be relied on one thing, to not get me anything. lol. Thanks for the recommendation, but I don’t think we can get that chocolate here.

  3. After 56 Valentine’s Days since we met, my wife sometimes just save our money to put toward a vacation! Today she said her gift to me is to take me out to eat at a local restaurant! Not sure what I will do. Likely write a poem, and maybe give her a tribute online, somewhere! Enjoy your cake!

    1. That is nice, a long time to be married. Yeah, like I said we normally ignore this one. It was fun to do something, so maybe I will do a fun thing next year too, something we can both share. Enjoy your dinner out.

    2. It was pleasurable! The owner, who was one of our students, years ago, was honored that we chose her restaurant to celebrate the holiday!

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