Working in a different way


Here is another post about what I’m planning on doing, but this time I do think it is time that I started working in a different way. I have been realising quite a few things recently, and I have come to the realisation that I am being taken advantage of.


Working with companies

I thought if I was able to get gear on loan from companies that would mean that I was on my way to working with them more. It now seems that they are happy to loan it, have me advertise it for them, wherever I am putting photos, and that’s it.

Some companies have been great, the smaller ones usually, and have given me something to thank me, but others, I don’t get anything. Actually, most are like the second.

A lot of people think I am really lucky to be allowed to borrow gear, but in the end, it just makes me realise how little I have. I can’t afford to buy anything and then it has to go back. I do get attached to gear. Not all of it, but some things. It is hard when it has to go back. You fall in love with it and know that you will never be able to afford it.

So I am thinking it is time to stop doing it. There is only so much disappointment a person can handle in a lifetime and I think I have had more than my share.


Working in a different way

Through the Fine Art Way. the membership I set up, I’m finding that I want to get back to being an artist.

I know what that is, and perhaps it is time I pursued it. Being an artist is something I have always wanted to be. I have concentrated on the business side of photography for too long.

To be an effective instructor for those doing the Fine Art Way it is important that I am a working artist.


Moving forward

Where to from here? A good question. The next step for me to stop borrowing gear, and start working more on my own work.

I am going to cut back on some of the things I do as I do think I have taken on too much. Not sure exactly what, but having to go out and try gear does take up time as well. It means that the time spent taking photos is not about my work. Occasionally I am loaned things that I can use with my own work, but not enough. When I go out I need to be working on my own work.

Plans are going to be made to start exhibiting. I’m looking for a printer now and will start experimenting with sizes and such. I am also going to start applying to galleries as well.


The Fine Art Way

My membership site, the Fine Art Way has been fantastic. One of the things I enjoy is getting back into art. Looking at galleries and seeing what other artists are doing.

The people, the majority, seem to be really enjoying it. We have get togethers online frequently where we discuss what they are working on. I can help them with artists to look at, or help give them direction. I know that quite a few of them have said that it has been so helpful. They are thinking about their photography and where to take it so much more.

I’m also teaching them more about processing and where they can take it. How to develop their own style. The discussion is all art and photography. I love it.

The Fine Art Way will be opening up again soon for new members, and I am looking forward to teaching a whole new bunch of people what I’ve been teaching the current one. I really do feel like a mentor there.

Most of these photos were taken while I was with some of them.

So things will be changing, not sure how, but I really think it is absolutely time I get back to being an artist, I really hope you will stay on the journey with me.




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  1. I wish you all the best in your endeavours, Leanne. I love the fact that you’re going to be focusing on your artistic side and doing photos that fit with that vision. You’re awesome at it, and I wish you much success.

    1. Thank you Julie, everything seems to be falling into place, I’m quite happy about it I think. Thank you so much, determination, that is what someone said to me recently. We’ll see.

  2. WOW Leanne, you have just blown me away with this version of the Lighthouse… I thought the black and white one you did for MM215 was stunning but this one… in colour has a whole new dimension. Love them both.. just love your processing techniques on both images.

  3. Hello, Leanne! Have you ever thought about diversifying your photography? I think you should sprinkle some wedding and lifestyle photography in your work. There is entirely no doubt in my mind that you are an excellent photographer. And I know tons of people view your work, especially on Instagram. But I think pride is getting in your way. You are the type of person who will give away everything you have and never ask for anything in return. I am like that too. I think it’s time you take the bull by its horns. The Holly Bible says if you knock on the door it will open, seek and you shall find, ask and you shall receive.

    1. I tried doing some of those a few years ago Noel, but they really weren’t for me, I couldn’t deal with them. I wasn’t very good at them either. I think you have me wrong Noel, there is no pride, it is just realising that some things are not going to work for me. I am a trained artist, so I really want to get back into that. I used to exhibit, so I am going to see if I can back into that. Thanks Noel.

    1. Yeah, but that is the reality, they are happy for me to borrow, but not happy to give me anything or support me in any other way.

    2. Well, that is their loss too, then. They missed a real opportunity to work with an excellent and creative photographer over the longer term. Relationships and trust take a while to be nurtured, so they really should have come to the table so you could have worked out a mutually beneficial arrangement.

  4. I hadn’t seen these photos before Leanne, and they’re all stunning. Good luck in your new direction and follow your creative instincts – I think creativity in whatever field is hugely undervalued – it doesn’t fit easily into a world dominated by profit and loss accounting. But the value to the creator is priceless – Hope your enthusiasm and energy doesn’t get ground down by all this – and sympathies with your nadir for introspection – the days will already be getting longer now. We’re already on the downhill slope here towards Christmas!
    Best wishes

    1. These are all new Julian, I’ve done them in the last week or so. Thank you, I’m happy to be finally doing it. Creativity is a passion, a drive, something some of us have to. That’s me, if I’m not being creative then I am not happy. You are right, we are seeing the arts suffer because of commerce. I feel better and I think all the grovelling to companies hoping that I would get somewhere with them has to stop, that is what was stifling me. Thanks again Julian, appreciate this.

  5. If your looking for a fine art printer, someone who works with artists, in order to exhibit your beautiful work, consider getting in touch with Brian Gilkes, at Pharos Editions, St Andrews.

  6. I’d love to see your (big) photos in exhibitions, Leanne.

    Many pros (Aus/NZ and Europe) have told me to shoot with the intention of producing big fine art prints. Changed my technique and vision thinking about that.
    The web doesn’t do your work justice. Massive giclee prints (metres high by metres wide) would be sensational for the exceptional quality of your work.

    I’ve shared links to your work with overseas photography pros in mentoring groups which I’m part of and they have been very impressed with your work and asked if you exhibit.
    Borrowing gear is definitely not your gig. You’re an artist. Be great to see you share your work in analogue.

    1. I’ve always wondered what they would look like blown up big. I have always loved large images.

      Yes, working big is very different. Thank you so much, I am getting some printed now, so will see what they turn out like.

      That’s really nice of you to do. I’m worried that galleries in Australia might not work for what I do. I might have to see about some overseas ones. No idea how to source that, but will look into it. I really want to start exhibiting and being an artist. Thank you so much John.

  7. Leanne, as you know I love the work you do with these photos. And although I’ve seen some of them before, that doesn’t matter. I enjoy seeing them again.

    It must be the season of introspection, because just in the last few weeks I read blogs, or viewed videos where the host is struggling with photo-funk; unsure of where to take the next step and lacking confidence in their considerable skills. I know there are times Im in a quandry what to do next photographically, but of course in my case I’m not relying this passion to earn my income. I’m certain that makes a big difference.

    So, Leanne, I want to encourage you to keep on keeping on.Your work is exceptional so take your next step boldly.

    1. Thank you so much Don, that is great to hear.

      Yes, maybe it is the season for it. I think I just need to work out what makes me happy, and borrowing the gear and having to give it back doesn’t make me happy. It depresses me really. I want to spend more time making art. If I can make the Fine Art Way work, then we can all create art together. I want to exhibit and have my own shows, when I do I hope you will come and see the shows as well.

      Thank you again, I’m looking forward to getting back into it all.

  8. Your work is beautiful.

    I’ve heard the same thing from people who work for companies. The sad thing is a lot of them won’t “give” you anything for keeps unless you have a massive following and then you end up selling out and that’s no fun.

    Your work should come first as often as possible because it’s yours and it’s important. I wish you every success in your journey.

    1. Thank you.

      It is crazy, they get all this free advertising and we end up with nothing. I have a fairly decent following, but still nothing, so I think it is time to move on. Selling out isn’t good.

      Thanks, I think it should to, and I’ve been noticing that I haven’t been spending much time on it lately, and I want to get back to it.

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