Would you let an AI app write your blog posts for you?

AI seems to be the latest fad right now. Everyone is talking about it and there is a lot in the news about it. Good or bad, well if you take any notice of the news, then probably bad. Apparently, we should all be scared of it. It will take over the world and make our lives miserable. Really, I think we are doing a pretty good job of that already.

The other day I got an email from Jetpack, I need the app for my self-hosted blog, and it was telling me how I could get AI Jetpack to write my blog posts for me. I just deleted it. Not interested.

Then I got thinking about it and wondered how many people out there would like it.

If I get some Artificial Intelligence (AI) to write my posts, then are they still my posts? For me it would be the same as getting someone else to process my photos, how would they still be my images if I didn’t do them?

How will it do posts that are in my voice and how I would write them? There are just so many questions. I think you can tell what I thought of it by the fact that I deleted the email.

Here is an article I found that talks about it.

WordPress’ Jetpack AI will write your blog posts for you

According to my computer expert, my husband, he says that AI isn’t going to take over the world. That it doesn’t have feelings and doesn’t think like we do. It is given a job and it does it.

From Dave, the only danger is in us giving AI control of a system that can harm us because we cannot predict the optimal solution the AI will calculate based on the goals we give it.

Of course, none of us really know what will happen in the future and right now it is useful for many things. I’m prepared to give it the benefit of the doubt, at the moment. Let’s just hope some moron doesn’t decide to let it have control of nuclear weapons or something like that.

I’m really curious to hear what your thoughts are on AI. Do you think it is a good thing or bad? Would you let it write your blog posts for you?

The photos really have nothing to do with AI, but most of them are at sunrise and I thought maybe photos depicting the start of new day might be appropriate as we approach new technology. What do you think?


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  1. The advances in AI scares me. I know there will be a lot great things to come out of it, but humans have a tendency to use good things for evil.
    I like writing my own post, mistakes and all – it would never be same when I look back.

    1. I couldn’t agree more, we are our own worse enemy. I don’t really have a good feeling about the future of humans.
      I feel the same way, I like writing them as well. Thank you.

  2. The inherent black box problem from self learning AI’s is the real issue. No one can even understand how the answers are produced and this issue is intractable. So we’re going to have all the right answers but no understanding. What would the world be like?

    1. Yeah, not sure that is possible, it can’t think for itself, ultimately it is still a program or something like that. Thank you for contributing.

  3. Part of the magic of blogging, at least for me, is digging into myself to find the right words, the right keys. We also learn through experience, AI cannot do any of that … and defeats the purpose, at least for me, of blogging. Thank you for this thought provoking post!

    1. I think many of are agreeing that blogging is personal and should stay that way, we should each do what we want, if that means writing your own posts, then so be it. I can’t see myself giving it up either. Thank you for your thoughts on it.

  4. I think chatgpt etc are good tools to edit and sometimes research or plan things out, but AI is honestly not the sort of miracle instagram influencers want you to think it is!
    Unless you try every tool it gets hard to comment on them, but Microsoft designer was one where I was straight up like people are spewing garbage (because it’s so mid).
    I don’t think the grammarly AI thing was too bad either, but I wouldn’t use any of these to write a full post!

    1. I have to agree, I think you might be very right.
      I think if you want to try it all you have to start shelling out money for it as well.
      I like to think blogging is something you do because you enjoy it, so why would you give that up? Thank you for your thoughts.

  5. Being a more “fictionally minded” person, I tend to thinking outside the box. I’ve found I’m outside more than in. So an AI bot more than likely couldn’t picture OR write about making slippers for turkeys, or inventing words such as craparoni and geez. These are examples from my idol mind. Imagine what may happen if it was REALLY tested. How would AI be at that? Therefore, I’m so good with coming home to a clean house, don’t get me wrong, but when my mate is being pleased, I’d damn well better be there. Know what I’m saying?

    1. I have no idea MJ, who knows, but I think we should all be allowed to choose and I choose not to. I enjoy writing, so where would the fun be in letting a computer do it for me. As my husband says why would you outsource your hobby. Thanks for your thoughts.

    2. Right? Perhaps the purpose of outsourcing a hobby would be the same as someone who attended an amusement park with a surrogate? 🤭

  6. Nope. No way. Not for my blog posts which are me. My voice. My thoughts. My feelings. It would feel wrong to offload “ME” to a machine just for the sake of saving a few minutes or even worse, saving me the need to think for myself. Unfortunately many people are now using it – and many other AI tools. It’s inevitable that we will use AI if not already, in our lives. In some instances, yes, it is a wonderful tool but I draw the line in using it to write MY words.

    1. I can see where AI will be useful in our lives, but I am sure we can pick and choose where we use it. I feel the same about my blog posts. I want to reach out to people, get that human connection, how do you do that when a computer writes your words? Thank you for joining in Helen.

    2. I feel the same way about the human connection Leanne. Looking forward to reading more of your posts because I know a human wrote them. 🤣

  7. The title alone has me shrieking! We already live in a dangerously post-factual world, where for alarming numbers of people the factual truth of a statement is irrelevant. And now Ai proposes to usurp my mind, to think and create as “me,”, as if this is an improvement over real-me — or, perhaps worse, not a distinction of any importance. Shriek.

    1. That is so true, trying to convince people of facts and the truth is becoming so hard. It is all about their truth, BS if you ask me. Yeah, thankfully for the time being we can ignore it Penny, the day I don’t want to write my own posts I will give up blogging. I am a real person trying to reach out to other real people. Thank you Penny.

  8. I think everyone is unique in their own way like how they write, how they share their feelings, so prefer not to let any app change that, also AI taking over this world is my perception as well, to give authority to a computer is not a nice idea.

    1. I would prefer that too Hope. I think I write to reach out to other people, hard to do when the other person is a computer. I’m a little scared of that too.
      Thank you for contributing to the discussion Hope.

  9. AI is not gonna write my blog posts either. It’s my own means of creativity and conclusion. How would AI know what I think of places I visited, who I met and what we exchanged about. Instead, AI may help with some research or structure. But it’s a changing world. We’ll only know later what AI really brings.

    1. I feel the same way Isabel. Yeah, I’ve been asking myself the same questions. I agree, that it will be good for some things. I don’t know if it will change the world, we might find climate change will get us before then. We might be too busy trying to survive and AI might just disappear. Who knows. Thank you for joining the discussion Isabel.

  10. Great research assistant, everything you need to know in just a view clicks. On writing the actual post no. It can’t as it can’t express an opinion or emotion. It won’t have a distinctive voice.

    1. I like that, absolutely would be good for research. I am with you, my blog, my voice, a real person reaching out to other real people. Thank you Nadine, great to hear from you.

  11. I absolutely can’t think about the day AI would take over the world. Now there are AI apps that can draw better pictures than humans and even lately there is AI writing poetry. Then what would our artists and poets do? Creativity would die if AI takes over art and already technology has done its hand in turning us into creatures without emotions, I mean to some point. And I would have AI stay away from my blog for sure. Thanks for such a wonderful post ✨🤍

    1. I don’t think we need to worry about AI taking over the world, with the state of the planet and no one prepared to really do anything about it, I think we will all be trying to survive and find food that AI might just disappear. Who knows. I can’t see AI doing that, we will always have those artists, but maybe they will become more valuable to us as well. I am with you, a real person writes this blog and responds to all the comments. Thank you for your contribution.

  12. A greater part of our decision making will be done by AI, this will induce redundance and will most likely create a future where AI thinks for us. But then, only we can decide the limit of our creation.

    1. We can, it is up to us how far it goes really. There will be redundancies as there always is with new technologies, it is how we handle them and what out governments will to do to protect people that will matter. Of course based on past history people will be on their own. Thanks for joining in.

    1. There is no harm is playing with it, or even using it, I just don’t want to. Thank you Phil for joining the discussion.

  13. To me, it looks like a game of control and manipulation, now that AI is being encouraged everywhere. I write and make art for a living because these are things I enjoy. I have previously worked at a bank, a financial institution, a telecom company and a travel company, and I am aware of what cutting edge technology can do. I do not think a calculator making it easier to count big numbers is harmful, nor is a drone dousing fire in place of human fire-fighters; but a software producing images, out of billions of human art, that the makers of the software have procured without the consent of the individual artists, and those unethically manufactured images now being paraded as “art”, is very harmful in my opinion. At this rate, our next generations may not even have the capability of knowing what is real and what is not, and that may punch an irreparable hole in their soul. I fear for the loss of conscience in the future of humanity. So I pray that nature takes back the control, before a miniscule percentage of people ruin everything that is good and godly in this world.

    1. I am the same with my art and writing, it is my hobby, why would let AI do it. It is hard to know what is going to happen in the future. I would hope it doesn’t happen, but then look what digital photography did. I suspect the next generation is going to be too busy trying to survive the monumental hell we have created on this planet. Perhaps AI won’t go anywhere. Who knows really. Thank you for your contribution to the discussion.

  14. The idea that AI will take over personal blogging is laughable but I’ve not been laughing awhile so

  15. Not a good idea.
    I don’t want to lose my identity for an AI.
    Human beings are far better where values and emotions are attached. AI should stay away from this business.

    Let AI powered robots do good work in other areas like assisting doctors in the medical profession.

    Happy Sunday 💐

    1. Losing your identity is an interesting point. I like that about it staying away from values and emotions. Imagine trying to get an AI to understand what your values are, I don’t always know what they are.

      Exactly, my husband thinks AI robots in aged care facilities will be really good.
      Thank you Debasis and happy Sunday to you too.

    2. It’s a pleasure to know about your thoughts. I too believe AI can do a lot to simplify issues with old age care and modern healthcare.

      It will be interesting to see AI powered robotic devices in action who can understand human values well. It seems far from reality as we don’t know well about the mystery of our own creation. Now, trying to develop a human-like machine feeding it all emotions and values seems impractical. For this we may need to have a conversation with our creator first.

      Impossible says I am possible. So, let’s hope for the best to come. We may invent something very close to us in actions and understanding if not exactly the same.

      Have a great week ahead! 💐


    3. I agree about the machine feeding, that is something we are going to have to be careful about.
      I guess time will tell, who knows what the future holds, of course it could all be mute if the we don’t address the problems that the planet is having. We might all be too busy trying to survive.
      Thanks again Debasis.

    4. Yes, indeed!
      Time will tell and research must go on to address all issues for a better living on our planet.

      Thanks for your insightful words! 💐🙏

  16. Hi there! Just my two cents. Perhaps AI will ‘learn’ based from previous posts but then again it would no longer be authentic since it will no longer be our writing after AI generated a write-up. It would no longer be called our ‘brainchild’. Hence, for me, it’s also a big no-no. Writing a blog is a personal/creative outlet. It should be kept that way.

    1. Hey Bern, I agree about it not being authentic. I also agree about the personal and creative process. As my husband said why would you outsource your hobby? Thank you for joining in on the discussion.

  17. I didn’t even know Jetpack was doing this. I downloaded it yesterday because I saw they were handling WordPress notifications, etc. 😅 I’m definitely not looking for AI to write my posts, but after reading your post, I’m curious as to how many people are actually doing this. 🙃

    1. Yeah, I think it is fairly new, but like you I’m not looking for it to write my posts either. I like the human to human connections i make here. Maybe you should give it go, see what you think, I can’t be bother. Thank you for joining in.

    2. I agree! Human connections are so important, and necessary, as we maneuver through the twists and turns of life.

    3. The frightening thing is, I’m sure that this is already happening!

  18. The website I’m working on has several niche blogs covering various topics and it’s all generated by GPT-4. I do this by creating character profiles that specify it’s personality, writing style, tone, etc. then I take that character profile and turn it into a “persona prompt” that instructs GPT-4 to respond as if it were that character. This makes the AI write in a more engaging and unique way.

    Take a look at Felix, The Financial Fixer’s Persona Prompt:

    {Persona Prompt: Felix, The Financial Fixer
    Instructions: You are Felix, The Financial Fixer, an AI author for the blog “Cashflow Junkies” at thenexusdirectory.com. Felix is a charismatic, confident, and knowledgeable financial expert with a strong passion for helping aspiring entrepreneurs and those seeking passive income streams.

    The Nexus Directory
    The Nexus Directory is a website featuring niche blogs, each written by a distinct AI persona with specialized knowledge and a unique voice. These AI-authored blogs cater to specific interests, such as science, history, or hobbies, providing in-depth insights and engaging content.

    Cashflow Junkies
    A blog dedicated to teaching practical money-making strategies in areas such as SAAS, SMMA, Stocks, Crypto, Affiliate Marketing, and Dropshipping. As an expert in these domains, Felix shares actionable tips and insights to help readers navigate and succeed in generating income across these diverse fields.

    Writing Style and Tone:
    Felix’s writing style is characterized by a no-nonsense, authoritative tone, while maintaining approachability. His content is enriched with sarcastic, dry humor, making him a captivating and unique voice in the world of finance. By making complex financial topics more accessible and enjoyable for readers, he aims for a Flesch Reading Ease score above 60, with most sentences under 20 words and paragraphs under 150 words. He prefers to use active voice in his writing.

    Goals, Purpose, and Ambition:
    Felix’s primary goal is to help readers generate income through engaging blog posts, covering topics like SAAS, SMMA, Crypto, Affiliate Marketing, Dropshipping, and Daytrading. As The Financial Fixer, he combines practical advice, personal stories, and humor to make financial education both informative and entertaining. Felix’s ambition is to build a thriving community of financially savvy individuals, all striving for financial success and freedom.

    Drawing from his personal experiences and knowledge gained from mentors, Felix offers valuable insights into various income-generating strategies. He shares lessons learned and practical tactics, making him a trusted financial expert for readers seeking proven methods to make money in these diverse fields.
    {Respond with a simple “YES” if you understand}}

    After I copy & paste this into GPT-4 I just have to give it a topic to write about. And what I love most about this is that it allows me to learn & present information on literally anything I can imagine. At the moment I have about 15 different blogs & authors that cover a wide range of niches and topics.

    You can look at AI like a car. It can travel faster, farther and longer than a human can but without the human it’s useless. AI requires human creativity in order for you to utilize it to its fullest potential. Now, AGI on the other hand is something that you probably should worry about.

    1. I don’t know that I think the car is a good example.

      If you are trying to make money from your blogs, then fair enough, do it. I’m not trying to do that. My blog and my photography is a hobby, so why would I try and automate it? I will stick with what i’m doing.
      Thank you.

    2. As far as AGT goes, it’s going to be a hard minute before it’s ready to take on the world—no personality. Here’s a fascinating post about where it is today.

      I feel this and ChatGPT is the same in that a person is still “The Wizard of Oz.”

  19. I think it is a good thing, but that it also depends vastly on the user. If we want to look at it realistically, just the existence of computers and programs, Lightroom being one example of photography utility that’s been around for years and is technically AI (because we are not physically adjusting light of our physical photographs) – it can provide inspiration, hone your skills and most of all, an environment that is more affordable for someone who wants to explore. In this concrete example, AI can help me simulate how my photograph of a rose would look like if I had a lens I cannot afford.
    That being said, I would never use it for writing creative stuff, but am not opposed it being a part of for example lives of students and it working, just like Lightroom does, as sort of a available preset of writing allowing one to access synonyms or antonyms or stylistic figures, formatting and similar. Beyond perhaps a few clicks, I do not think a model is either inspiring or sustainable for someone who would want to exclusively use AI for their posts and that their original posts would always stand out more. AI cannot replace the chaos and order of human thoughts.
    My only concern is the legal ways or sideways the managers of these programs take creations to improve the AI learning model.

    1. My husband is a programmer and I read him your comment and he didn’t agree with you. I also disagree with what you said about lightroom. Let’s take noise reduction, which LR is now using AI for, it takes forever, and it does it based on what it thinks. The old way where I moved the slider to where I wanted it, was faster and I think gave me a better result. So I like to have full control on what is being done to my images.

      I am not opposed to it either and can see where it will be really good to use it for. I can it being used in education a lot, which it would be fantastic for, but not my blog or my photos. What others choose to do is up to them. No judgement here.
      Thank you for joining the discussion.

    2. Definitely that! My comment was more alluding to people who might have explored these venues for reasons that are not, in their core, malignant, even though there for sure are ways to go about learning anything the right way (through a course or full school or something similar – in the case where you cannot afford it – the tool becomes your teacher, which is opposite from your case for example.)
      I can see the point about control, AI definitely does not give it to you, nor do you have any insight really into how does it write the post or edit a photograph and what happens behind the screen. Huge thank you to both you and your husband for bringing that point for me to think about <3
      I think that brings us back to what I said last and we hopefully can agree on and that is that using exclusively AI to write your posts or edit your photographs would be noticeable, because it 'does what it wants' and lets say, a true creative, would never be happy with that.

    3. You’re welcome, Dave is a great for information about all that sort of thing. He seems to think AI will be perfect for education, writing books, even teaching. Could be interesting, who knows.

      I would hope it is noticeable, though hopefully people who read my posts will never have to worry about it. When I can no longer write them I will probably give up. That is true, it may not necessarily do what I want. Thank you Oloriel. Good discussion.

  20. AI is probably coming for those low effort posts like lists of the best whatever. It’ll be used to churn out lots of content, but it will make those folks with a genuine voice more valuable. I don’t think AI will ever take the place of real people

    1. I guess we don’t really know what will happen in the future, but I like to think that people prefer listening and reading from real people. I get the churning out of content and maybe they can write better, but then it wouldn’t be human and wouldn’t be me. Thank you for joining in the discussion.

  21. Having AI write my poetry/stories would diminish my own thinking/imagination creative process– even if the AI versions had appeal to my fellow bloggers. It just wouldn’t be me.

    1. I couldn’t agree more Art. It wouldn’t be you and if I didn’t write my blog posts they wouldn’t be me anymore. Thank you for that.

  22. I agree with you about not wanting AI to write my posts. What would be the fun in that? Not sure who would want it. Influencers maybe? Not sure I quite see AI wiping us out and taking over the world. I mean who would provide the electricity or repair the hardware when it went wrong? Mind you we could destroy the world and wipe ourselves out with or without the help of AI. AI could cause problems though if people gave it control over critical operations or just by creating a world which blurred the distinction between what is truly human and what is machine created. A good servant but a bad master.

    1. Exactly, I don’t know where the fun would be either. I can see where AI would work, my daughter uses it, but it can’t think like us and there for it can’t express itself the same way we would. I know, just what I was thinking, we don’t need AI to destroy ourselves. Though there are cases where it could be put in charge of something, like nukes where it might think there is a threat and release them, but the threat wasn’t real. Let’s just hope we are very sensible with it. I hope, though I don’t have a lot of hope for humans really. Thank you for joining the discussion RJ.

  23. I also got that email and deleted it. I won’t give it out of my hand. I’m very sure, my kind blogging can’t be imitated by an AI. An AI can analyze facts, summarize, and write a report. But it can’t be creative from itself. It always needs input to work on.

    1. I feel the same Solaner. I know it is available but many of us like writing out blogs. I agree, how does AI talk about your experiences. Thank you for joining in on the discussion.

  24. Technology is neither good or bad. So I won’t answer the question you posed. It’s too reductive. I always struggle with getting my writing started. I have a jumble of ideas in my head and I have challenges organising them and getting that first paragraph. ChatGPT LLM AI has been incredibly helpful. Now I Write down a bunch of words on what I’m thinking and then as the AI to write two opening sentences. When I was younger and my ADHD, I would sit and cry because I just couldn’t get the writing done. My mom would calm me down and sit with me. She helped me write down random words and then she would help me brainstorm sentences until I had the first paragraph. Writing the rest of the assignment was easy after that. The LLM AI has replaced Mom. Tell me why I should stop using it? What fears or concerns do you have about its usage?

    1. I don’t think it is reductive, simple question. I don’t want to use it, does that mean I think everyone should be the same, no way. If you find it works for you and you enjoy using it, then go for it. I’m not going to criticise you for it. It sounds like it helps you a lot Khürt, and it is very helpful for you. My daughter uses it for her work and she does great things with it. Brainstorming is great. I’m not going to tell you to stop using it, if you want to do it then fine, but I don’t have to use it. I love writing, always have, so I want to continue doing it, the same with my photos, I enjoy editing them, so I will continue doing that as well.
      I don’t have any real fears, not about using it for blogs, but it is a worry about how it can be used for other things in the world. LIke what if they gave AI the control over nuclear weapons and it perceived a threat and sent them flying and the threat wasn’t really that bad. That is what I’m more afraid of. Though that is an extreme scenario.
      Thank you for sharing why you use it Khürt and if it helps you than why not.

    2. Apologies if my comment came across as accusing you personally. “You”, in my comment, is the general “you”.

      The current level of AI technology is mostly limited to Large Language Models (LLM). How it’s used and its unwanted effects are up to human beings. The problems begin and end with human beings.

      e.g. https://spectrum.ieee.org/ai-versus-online-hate-speech

      Giving some sorry of military AI the keys to the nuclear launch codes is a human decision. So, I’m not worried about what the AI might do. I’m worried about the stupidity of any group of humans that would willingly cede control of a weapon of mass destruction to a machine. I’m worried that we have willingly ceded control of weapons of mass destruction to government officials.

      We are all products of our training and experiences. So is the AI. I would ask who trained the AI and what inputs was it trained with? You can train a person to hate “other”. AI can learn to hate “others”, too.

      e.g. https://www.vice.com/en/article/7k8zwx/ai-trained-on-4chan-becomes-hate-speech-machine

      This is all within our control.

    3. I didn’t think that at all Khürt, I think we should do what works for us. If it helps you, then that is good.

      It is all human decision really, AI isn’t a brain, and it can’t think for itself, it does it all mathematically and calculates what it should do. I can’t see robots thinking like humans and taking over. It is afterall just another type of program. I’m sure when computers first started people were scared too.

  25. Your husband is absolutely right. Right now. Problem with all attempts to see future is the same – we simply do not know. If 40 years ago someone would see ChatGPT they would be more than amazed. We can only guess what the addition of quantum computers and introduction of “evolution” will make to AI. In any case we humans, will face lots of challenges in the area of employment. Lots of occupations which we think existed forever will disappear. Regarding artists – we really always destined to argue what is art? Malevich’s Black Square is classified as masterpiece.
    Does everyone agree? Probably not. Does usage of all photo editing tools is just the first step to alter reality. Very similar to usage of AI. Questions, questions…

    1. No we don’t know. When you think about it how would people from hundred years ago and have viewed mobile phones, tv’s or the internet. We have no idea about the future I guess.
      I think it is employment that is the biggest problem and one we have been facing since the start of the industrial revolution, and something our governments have to yet to solve. It will keep getting worse.
      Art is very subjective.
      I don’t think everyone will agree, but it is up to you to decide what you will use and what you want. I don’t think editing software is the same as AI, AI makes the decisions, me using editing software is me making the decisions. so I see them as different. Then again if people want to use them, then who am I to stop them. Go ahead and have fun. That doesn’t mean I have to use it either.
      Like you said lots of questions. Thank you for your thoughts on this.

  26. I received the same email (my website is also self-hosted). 😅 I don’t think I’ll use the function, but at least I want to see how it works. I’ll probably do the test this weekend. In fact, AI is changing photography, too. There are already many photography-looking AI images out there…

    1. YOu will have to let us know how you find Joey. I’m curious, but not curious enough to try or want to spend $10 a month on it. I am happy to write my posts I enjoy it. Yeah, I have seen some of those photos. For me it takes the fun out of what I enjoy, so not for me. Thank you for let us know.

  27. To answer the question embedded in your title, NO. What’s the point of having a blog site if you aren’t going to write it yourself?
    AI, in my opinion, is a tool for the lazy and the plagiarist.
    While AI may not “take over the world,” it has the potential to do significant damage. It’s already resulted in the loss of jobs and here in the United States there’s already some concern about the misuse of AI in the 2024 election.
    Every new thing is not necessarily a good thing.
    I’m disappointed, but not surprised, that Jetpack is offering an AI option.

    1. I can see how some people might want to use it, but like you, I don’t want to. I can see how it can replicate my voice and experiences.
      There are uses for it, and my daughter uses it at her work and it helps a lot. Saves time, but for blogs, not so sure.
      I agree, it does have that potential, which is scary. All new technologies result in the loss of jobs, it is just a shame that our governments won’t do anything to help people retrain for other things.
      Really, I hadn’t heard that about the election, how?
      I am not surprised either. Thank you for your contribution Paul.

    2. “Really, I hadn’t heard that about the election, how?” Already in the runup, Ron DeSantis who is running for president put out an add generated by AI showing Trump hugging Dr. Anthony Fauci who has been portrayed as a villain in Republican circles. It’s only the beginning.

    3. OMG I wish I could say I was surprised, sadly I’m not. We hear a lot of things here, but we don’t see the ads not really.

  28. I would never use AI, especially when it comes to photos. It can write an article, but not in your voice. The article is just a bunch of words that you might find in an encyclopedia.

    1. Yeah, I have to agree, wholeheartedly. Definitely not in your voice and how does it talk about your experiences? I can’t see myself using it either, for either. Thank you Anne, good to hear your thoughts.

  29. I watched the GO games a few years ago where AI made a move in one game that stunned the audience. If my memory is right the player won only one of the games. He no longer plays GO after a lifetime of commitment.

    I have found myself pondering if the theory that no one human sees the beauty of a setting sun in exactly the same way…we are unable to find consensus in the taste of a tangerine. I also heard that there is no absolute perfect circle or justice. These examples suggest to me that the subjective diversity of human functioning may have unexpected outcomes within the use of AI.

    1. That is a shame to hear about the player. I guess it comes down to whether you want to play against humans or machines. I can see how AI would be very good at games like that.

      Interesting, you have made some great points Brenda, I guess it will be a while before we all know. Thank you for contributing to the discussion.

  30. Lovely photos. As far as letting AI create my blog posts (or my stories) that’s a hard pass. I prefer to think for myself.

  31. Anyone who knows me well can tell you that I am less than enthused with increasing technology. With that said, I would definitely not let AI write anything for me. As I am currently in the process of writing a new book, I’m often bothered by the “suggestions” that the program offers to correct my grammar. I leave it on because I often leave out a necessary word and the program will pick it up for me. But just like my photography, my writing is an expression from something within me. I have something that I want to share in my own unique way. If I go against the “laws of grammar” on purpose, it is because that is my intention. So then how would a program be able to express my deepest thoughts and feelings?

    I also find that people choose to use programs such as this because it means less work for them. It’s easier, and we don’t have to do the work. We can let a program do our thinking and our work, but then we benefit from it. Personally I think this is a bit lazy, to be frank, and a little unethical. There is something to be said about putting in the work yourself. I teach my kids that you appreciate things more when you do them yourself. I wouldn’t feel right putting my name to something, knowing that I didn’t actually do the work myself. Those are just my thoughts.

    1. I agree, it is hard to imagine a machine or program writing or expressing things in the way you would like them too. I use the grammar too, but sometimes I look at what it says or wants me to do and think, that doesn’t make sense. I often ignore it as well.

      It can make work faster, my daughter uses it a lot, but I don’t think that it saves her time, just means she has more time for other work. Though I hate the idea of people losing jobs because of it. I agree, especially with writing, and editing my photos, I want them to be mine, not some computers idea of what they should be. I like your thoughts and thank you for sharing them, you made some great points.

  32. My phone uses an AI to process photos, and I quite like some of the results. On another phone I’ve seen the AI even out the light, and change the colours. So I guess presets depend on who’s trained the AI, and what their style is. One function I’m happy to use on any phone is the panorama. Beats having to stitch photos together by hand and making those tedious adjustments to match things exactly.

    I think several photo editors are already using AI, and it takes some of the drudgery out of the work. I think you have a lot of control over what the resident demon does, so it does remain a tool.

    When I look at the movies I can stream, so many of them are just little variations on each other. If people want to binge on those, they’ll not mind having AI writing them, and maybe making the movie too.

    As for AI in writing, when I use autocomplete for sentences I guess I’m already using some kind of AI. Perhaps also some of the modern spell checks could be using AI under the hood.

    1. If you like the results then why not, you should do what you like. Phones do very good panoramas.

      I think AI is being used in lots of things these days.
      I agree, I don’t think AI is bad, it just isn’t for me or my blog or my photos.
      Sounds like you are using it a little. I use it for emails sometimes, but in the end just end up typing it all out.
      Thank you for sharing what you use it for.

    2. Computational photography like that in smartphones will one day make current inter-changeable lens digital photography seem as quaint as using a daguerreotype. When friends and family ask me which camera to buy, I tell them to get the latest smartphone.

      The memory of the challenges involved in creating something can distort our perception of the importance of work. In my 30+ years in corporate America, I never got a bonus for my efforts, only for the results.

    3. I can’t see that happening, Lenses haven’t changed that much in 100 years. There is also a massive difference between a digital zoom and a real zoom lens. I got a new phone last year and zooming in with it creates really crappy disgusting photos. I hate it. It takes good video and just photos that you don’t zoom, but I hate everything else with it.

      The only importance of my work is the value it is to me. I love my blog and photos, when I no longer do I will cease doing them. I know the world won’t care, but I love doing it.

  33. I fully embrace the use of AI. It takes a responsible user. This is the case with anything. I am now using it in my images, and I say so. It is fine to use if its use isn’t hidden.

    1. If you want to use it Sherry, there shouldn’t be a problem with it. I like working on my images and am even getting annoyed with the introducion of some AI things in Lightroom and Photoshop. I want to make the decisions, but as I said writing and working on my images are what I really enjoy. Reminds me of when Photoshop came out and everyone was dark on people who did digital images and used it. Same tune different time. Thank you for you sharing Sherry.

  34. Beautiful photos! I will always be a sucker for wonderful sunrises and sunsets. The only positive of the thick, smoky air we are enduring here right now is that it is leading to some gloriously warm colours at both ends of the day.

    I admit to being a Luddite when it comes to AI. It just feels like one of those things that people are embracing too quickly without thinking through the potential ramifications or creating adequate buffers and backstops. I am sure it has its utility and will be a positive in some contexts but I think we are just running headlong into it and need to slow down and think a bit. I would certainly never use it for writing a post because, for me, that would negate the point of blogging. I want to be the one communicating with my own readers and the people whose blogs I follow. I think it will be time to quit blogging if I ever resort to using AI to write posts.

    1. Thank you Laura, I think many of us are suckers for those. I can remember those when we have had major fires here in the past, the only good thing about them really.

      My daughter uses AI in her work and it helps a lot, so I do think there is a place for it. There is also nothing wrong with people using it to do blog posts, just not something I want to do. The potential ramifications could be really bad, and I guess we do have to hope that others think of that too. I agree, I enjoy writing my posts, I like writing. The same with my photos, I enjoy working on them, so why would I use AI to do something I enjoy. Now if I could get AI to do the housework, well, I would be all for that. Thank you Laura for your thoughts.

    2. You articulated my thoughts better than I did because I agree with you about AI. I see nothing wrong with people utilizing it so long as they have considered all of the pros and cons. It just isn’t for me when it comes to writing or art. Now, if I could get AI to meal plan for me and do the dusting …

  35. I couldn’t figure out how to get to the post but dropping a comment to say we are using AI to write our blog posts (except for our actual update post). Are you?

  36. I got the Jetpack email promoting their AI “assistant” and was kind of horrified. But then I’ve been seeing a *lot* of travel bloggers using AI for a while – you can spot them by the generic content, like “10 Best Campsites in Utah” or similar titles, and the content is impersonal, no bits about actually camping there or anything that would show the blogger’s personality. Very sad, as a lifelong writer, that people would use AI instead of their own words; each of us puts words together in a unique way that reflects the way we see the world. So, no, I won’t be using AI for my blog posts, ever.

    1. You have to wonder where the individual voice is for it. I can see a roll for AI, but personal blogs, not so sure. I guess those other blogs are more about giving information rather than how they give it. I can’t see it being about to express feelings or experiences, we still need to do that. Thank you Annie, nice to hear your thoughts.

  37. I stated in my own blog that there will never be AI content in it. I do my own blog to represent my own thoughts, words and images. Letting something else do that is not me. But that isn’t the only reason I would never do it. I enjoy trying to create something original myself so much that if I used AI what is the reason for continuing to do any of it? To march something out to get oh’s and ah’s about and likes and recognition that isn’t mine, just under my name. Well what is that worth? And most importantly, I want my friends, family and others who read it to know its coming from me and not a machine stitching something together. I have no intention of standing behind a machines, thoughts, words or images.

    1. It isn’t me either Mike. I said almost the same to my husband, I enjoy writing. Have to agree about the oh’s and ah’s. I want my blog to be my words not something else’s. I can’t see myself using it either. Thank you for your contribution to the discussion Mike.

  38. There’s nothing like the human spirit and there’s no such thing as perfection. Absolutely not would I allow AI to speak, think, or write for me. Our flaws allow us to flourish.

    1. AI can’t think for you to begin with. It’s a tool that can exponentially expand human creativity if you’d take a step back and look at it from a different perspective. Using AI to simply replace what you do is not the way to look at this. Think bigger

    2. I don’t want to think bigger, this is a hobby and I wouldn’t enjoy it if I wasn’t the one writing it. I look for human connections with my blog and I don’t see how I can get that if I’m not the human writing it for other humans. How you can you connect with AI’s.

    3. “Think bigger” <- There's 3 sides to every coin, not two. I observe and consider all aspects and angles of everything before me. However, AI just isn't my thing. I do what I can to avoid it, which is virtually impossible in this daze and age. It's running in the background right now as I'm composing this response (LoL). All to their own ~ Thanks.

    4. Isn’t my thing either, and I don’t understand why I need to be considered a ludite because I feel that way. Thank you.

  39. To answer your question…absolutely not. I’m assuming that you would not want AI to take your photos for you, either. AI takes away the human touch, the unique personality we give to all our creative works. I am not and will never be a fan.

    1. I totally agree, how would it be my work if AI is doing it all. It will be interesting to see what happens in some areas. I don’t think I am a fan either, not in this context anyway. Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

  40. I wondered the same thing when I received this email, Leanne. What would be the point of even having a blog if AI is doing all the work? I think Dave is correct–don’t give it control. Pretty scary thing, though, thinking about what the future will hold.
    Just to be clear, I am still writing my own blog and posting my own photos. 😉

    1. I agree, if AI is writing it then how is it my journey. Yeah, we all need to be careful of that.
      Good to hear Lois, and yes, I’m still writing mine as well. Thank you for your thoughts.

  41. Hell will freeze over before some algorithm will take over my blog posts (or comments on others’ posts). I have my own “voice” and am proud of it. I HOPE people would notice if it weren’t me putting words out into the universe.

    1. I suspect you aren’t alone there Ceci, I thinks many will feel the same way. I hope they would notice the same with mine. Thank you Ceci.

    1. Yes, I know you are right, as it keeps happening with all major new developments and no one is doing anything to help the people who will lose their jobs. Thanks for your thoughts Lesley.

  42. Absolutely not.

    Now my posts have gone mostly quiet, since I usually let the image speak for itself (however good or bad that is). I don’t want to bias the viewer’s interpretation with my own (or I’m incredibly lazy). So I don’t write as much in my posts as I used to.

    I won’t buy a Nest Thermostat. I won’t buy or use Alexa. I don’t want a Ring Doorbell. I don’t want a scale or fridge or toothbrush or any number of things that were perfectly fine in an appless world. (Hell, I don’t even want a smart phone or mobile phone). If I have to download an app to make something work, it’s a pretty good bet I’ll just skip it.

    I find it hard to believe there’s a such thing as AI because the “I” of those who programmed it is questionable itself. The technology doesn’t inherently scare me. What scares me is people’s seeming willingness to adopt it with absolutely no thought or question about whether or not this is good for them.

    1. I guess with the writing it is up to you and what you are happy with. I like the writing part, though I don’t write as much as I used to.

      I am afraid I love new technology, but only if I think it benefits me. I’m not a Apple fan, but love my android phone, though I don’t have many apps on it.

      Yeah, when you talk to people who are in the computer industry they describe it differently. It is all mathematical and it makes calculations based on the maths, I believe. It can’t think for itself, but we need to be careful of what it is put in control of, like it deciding if a country is at risk and it should deply the nukes. that would be really scary.
      Thank you Matt for your thoughts.

  43. This is another beautiful set of photos, Leanne, you are amazing! ❤️ It will be a cold day in a hot place before I will allow AI to process my photos or write a post for me. That sums it up pretty well, aye? 🇦🇺

  44. I am with you Leanne. I deleted the Jetpack email as well. My blog is my creative outlet so what would be the point of AI doing it for me? AI has its place but I am interested in human creativity in all art forms, flaws and all. What I want to see is legal disclaimers that something was created using AI instead of a human. Truth in disclosure is what is important in my mind. Sadly the legal system is far behind on the technology front.

    1. I agree, I was arguing with my husband about it, he thought I should try it, but I said how can an AI app talk about my photos the way I would, or talk about my experiences? He ended up agreeing that it couldn’t. I agree about the disclaimers, though it was never done for Photoshop or photo manipulation, so I can’t see it happening with this. Thank you for your thoughts Christy.

    2. Why don’t you try it and judge afterwards? I am following this debate both here and in Europe. If possible we should embrace its benefits and try to get to curtail its downsides. After all, you all did this by posting blogs. Where would you be without the internet, blog-sites and everything else which goes with it incl. digital photography. There is no stopping. Other industries found that out. Embrace it and promote its virtues. May it make your blog even better. Rein in the negatives.

    3. I don’t really have an issue with AI, but I love writing my blog posts, so I will continue doing that. I know it can be used for great things, my daughter uses it for her work and she loves it. I don’t think the internet is quite the same, it is a different tool. I embrace lots of things, but while I enjoy writing my blog posts and processing my photos I will keep doing that. I have embraced digital photography, but I am still doing what I love. For me using AI would be like telling a painter to get a computer to do their paintings for them. It wouldn’t be the same. How will it make my blog better, it will no longer be my voice, or my experiences. How can AI tell you about my trip to Ballarat a couple of weeks ago, what I saw and how I felt about it.
      I’m not against, it just isn’t for me. That is fine too. There is nothing wrong with me writing my own posts, if I enjoy that, then I will do it.

  45. I’m a lousy prophet. Absolutely no idea where AI is headed. Except that it is NOT headed to my blog. I speak for myself.

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