A morning in the city


It has been a crazy week so when my Instagram friend Pauline suggested catching the sunrise in the city, how could I refuse.

It was so good to get the camera out and take photos. We didn’t get the most amazing sunrise, but hey, it wasn’t bad. We took lots of photos of the city and then we saw some great colour in the sky near the Arts Centre. There was a lovely pink tone.


It was great to see. I loveΒ it when you make the effort to get out of bed and you get rewarded like this. I’m exhausted now, but it was worth it.

We ended up heading back to the river and I did some long exposures which I will work on this week. Then it was time for breakfast. I’m not going to say where we went, it was nice, but the stale buns to start with weren’t. They did look after us though and the coffee was welcomed.

Pauline and I said good bye after brekkie. She headed off and I went back to the river. I wanted to hang around until 10 am so I could pick up my annual pass at the Eureka Skydeck. I filled in my time doing some more long exposures. I’m finding the more I do them the easier it is to set everything up and just get going. I love how the Formatt Hitech filter system packs up and unpacks.

I went and picked up my pass to the skydeck and figured that I may as well go up to check it out, see what I have to do. I didn’t do a lot up there, just walked around and took a couple of photos. I’m looking forward to being able to go whenever I want.

I have some photos for you now. Not many. I’m really tired now and think I might need a nap.

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  1. Good for you for getting up, and you were rewarded by the sunrise, and WE were rewarded with your work

  2. Great saturated colours – isn’t interesting how people like to climb for views in towns and up hills/mountains
    Didn’t you return the buns

    1. Thank you Diana. It is very interesting, funny how we want to get above. I love seeing the city from above.
      We did, and they were taken off the bill and we ordered something else.

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