Looking over the city at sunrise


You know one of the main reasons I became a member of the Eureka Skydeck was so I would know when they did their sunrise events. It is fantastic looking over the city at sunrise. They are very early mornings, but so worth it.


Looking over the city at sunrise

You can’t be guaranteed a good sunrise. Unfortunately, you have to decide a week or so before the day that you will do it. You really can’t tell what the sky will be like until it starts to get lighter, and by the time it is light enough I’m already in the city.

It is a bit of a gamble, but I work on the theory that if I do them all eventually I will get one. So far this year, not so good, but there is one more on the 21st of March, so I will be holding out for that one. It is such a great spot to capture the early morning there, so I really hope the next one will be great.

Being a Member

There are a lot of benefits to being a member and it is something I’ve never regretted getting. It is wonderful how you can go anytime you want for free and your guests can get discounts as well.

The price of the membership is $60 and you only have to go 3 times and you have your moneys worth. You get a free coffee now as well I think, it may have changed, which is always good. I haven’t got that one yet, but I’m sure I will. It would be a great place to sit, drink a coffee and watch the world below. I will have to do that soon.

I have never regretted signing up. If you live in Melbourne it is a great thing to do, follow this link for more information.

Sunrise Events

They do a few of these around this time of the year. It is open to anyone, not just members. If you are a member it is free. If you aren’t then you just have to pay the normal entry fee. You also have to book ahead. If you keep an eye on their website you will see them advertised.

As I said earlier the next one is on the 21st of March. If you are in Melbourne, I might see you there.

Here are a few photos from this morning.

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  2. Leanne, we all hope for epic sunrises, but the colour you captured in these shots is something special. Known as the Belt of Venus, Venus’s Girdle, or antitwilight arch is an atmospheric phenomenon visible shortly before sunrise or after sunset. Also sometimes called alpenglow.

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