A new macro lens for my phone

Last week I received a new parcel in the mail and it was a macro lens for my phone from Struman Optics.

I have used their lenses a lot in the past and they have always been my favourite ones for using on my phone. This one is the Cinematic Macro Phone Lens. It is very different from their other lenses.

With most macro phone lenses you can only take photos at a certain distance. You don’t get a lot of choice, however with this new one you can change that.

This is what Struman Optics says about it.

In a world first, Struman have made a variable macro lens for smartphones. The 22-82mm Lens is the most versatile detailed Macro lens available for iPhone, Samsung or Android.

I have had the lens for less than a week and I’ve been out in the garden with it a couple of times and it is proving to be challenging for me. Though it could be that I need to wear the right glasses when I go out. The more I use it I know I will get better with it. It is also getting used to a new type of lens.

We are going through a hot spell at the moment. Feels like every day is over 35C, and most of them have. So much for our mild wet summer. We have had hardly any rain where I live. It seems like it has been months since we have had a really good downfall of rain. With this weather, it means that it is too hot to go out and take photos.

I will be getting out with the lens more when we have better weather for it.

So far I am impressed with this phone lens. I love being able to have a lens that I can take with me anywhere. They also produce a lot of phone cases for a multitude of phones, so you can also screw the lens into that. Unfortunately, they don’t have one for mine, so I have to use my lens with a clip that fits on my phone.

The lens retails for $209 AU which is not bad. If you love macro photography, but can’t afford a macro lens for your camera then this lens can be a great alternative without the heavy price tag.

They have a great range of lenses and you can find them here, Struman Optics. You can find the link to the lens here Cinematic Macro Phone Lens.

Here are three images that I have taken with the lens so far. I know there will be more and I will be sure to let you know how I go with it.

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  1. Thanks for posting this – I was actually looking at getting a lens for my phone recently and there seem to be many options on the market! I don’t have a fancy camera or anything yet, so I figured a camera lens would be a good start, since I really enjoy photography. This is really helpful in narrowing down lens options!

    1. You’re welcome. I do have good cameras, but sometimes I like to go out with just my phone. It is nice to have lenses that fit onto them. I might have some news about the lenses soon.

    1. Thank you Michael. I am so glad to have introduced you to the lenses for your phone. They are a great addition to any photography kit I think.

  2. I think I need to try one of these “attach the macro to my phone” lenses. I typically like to shoot photos of mushrooms and use my Ricoh GRD for that. It has a nice handy macro function and with the great IQ it has, I can crop tight if I need to be. I love your photos!

    1. It is really handy and it gives you another option. It is nice to have more than one way to take photos. Thank you Thomas.

    1. Thank you Cornelia, yeah, it was great that I got to use it. I don’t think many phone lenses allow you to use AF. The noise, is fine, the same as any photo I take with my phone.

  3. Hi Leanne, I enjoy your posts.
    How do you get the black background with your flower images?
    Just wondering

  4. An amazing lens, Leanne. I have considered these lenses for my iPhone since I seem to use it more than the Nikon once in a while. Your macros are fantastic! ❤️

    1. It is pretty amazing John, and I like how easy they are to use in that you can just chuck it in your pocket with your, or bag, whatever. I often go out in the garden with it in one pocket and my phone in the other. Thank you John.

    2. I see, interesting! My iPhone 12 takes great photos, an external lens system would be a nice addition!

    3. You might have to look into them John. If you have an iPhone they will have covers too so you can screw the lens into the cover and you don’t have to worry about making sure it is in the right place.

    4. I just looked at their website and sent an email asking if they are available in the States…

  5. Really great photos. The idea of a macro lens for a phone is intriguing. You must have a good phone camera. I’ve never tried using my phone as more than a point and shoot.

    1. Thank you RJ, They have quite a few different lenses. I don’t know, my phone is about 3 years old now, I have the pixel 3 XL and it is meant to be a good camera, I think most phones have good cameras these days.

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