Floral Friday – Flowers from my garden

This morning I went out to the garden with my Fujifilm macro lens to see what I could photograph. I didn’t think I had that many flowers out there. Most of my bulbs flowered ages ago and sadly I didn’t get around to photographing them.

Spring is definitely here and El Nino has been declared, so summer is going to be really hot. If I want flowers out there I am going to have to use a lot of water. I love flowers out there, not just to photograph, but for the bees as well. I will have to deal with using a lot of water. We have had some mild summers in the last few years, so in one way I’m looking forward to a hot summer. I hope it will mean I can actually grow some stuff because it will be hot enough.

When I went out I was really surprised at how many there were and it was nice to see them. Though being out there has made me see I have a lot of work to do. So much weeding. It will get done slowly.

As I said I took the photos with my Fujifilm but there is one I took with my Lensbaby Velvet 56mm. Let me show you.

I needed to try out the lens because I dropped it. Actually that isn’t quite true, it fell off a shelf that I was moving stuff around on and it fell off. It fell about 130cm, which I think is just over 4 feet. It landed with a thud and then rolled away. I thought oh no, it is gone and that is the end of that lens. However, when I tried it out I think it might be okay. I guess time will tell. I will need to do a lot more photos with it to see.

I processed these in Lightroom, though I’m having trouble with that as well. I don’t understand why I can’t import photos from my SD cards. It has happened before and I’ve had to get onto Adobe to find out why. The last time was about a month ago and now it is happening again. It was just updated and now it isn’t working. I have wonder with these companies and their updates. My Kindle Unlimited app for my laptop keep screwing up as well. As soon as there is an update I have to uninstall it and then reinstall it to get it work properly. As if I have all the time in the world to find work arounds for their bad updates. Urgghhhh.

Anyway, I’m going to leave you with some of the flowers from my garden. They are in a gallery and remember to click on one to get a larger image, and then you can scroll through them.

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  1. Dear Leanne
    very effective these pictures of flowers with a dark background. Especially the black in the first picture enhances the white of the flowers.
    The flowers in your garden are perfect.
    We wish you a happy weekend
    The Fab Four of Cley
    🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  2. I hope that you get a warm and sunny summer. We had a rather wet summer that was cooler that previous years with only twoo hot peaks, one in springtime and one in september. Take good care for your garden, the flowers are realy beautiful and so are the pictures.

    1. Who knows with summer, we do have solar panels, a battery and good air conditioning so bring it on. That is sad that you had a wet summer, that was us last year. I will take care of it Rudi, I am hoping it is a very productive this year. Thank you.

  3. Very beautiful photography, Leanne! I hope the lens baby is okay. Hmmm, is there a version or versions of this leans available for the Sony A7C? I miss my Nikon, and a new version is almost available now for the Z, or Zed series Nikon.

    1. Thank you so much John. I hope it is okay too. I don’t know, I’m sure there is. Maybe take a look at their website. Are you going to get one John, the Nikon I mean?

    2. I’d love another Nikon but they are expensive! The Sony A7C does a good job for me. The new Nikon Z f is available for pre order now. Tempting!

  4. The only thing I would change in your featured image is the name of the creator. It’s dark, moody and just a little scary! Love it.

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