A past trip to Port Campbell

Today I thought we could look back on a trip I did back in 2019. I went to most of the same places that I went to on this last trip last month, but wow what a difference there is in the photos.

It is interesting what a change of seasons can bring. The photos in this post were taken in winter. It was wet and overcast the entire time we were there. We had hoped to do the milky way, but there was no chance of that. The whole three days we were there we never saw the sun.

I can’t say I was disappointed. I loved it. I got so many photos and I think there are still lots that I could work on.

Now compare that with my latest trip. It was summer and the first day we saw almost no clouds and it was very bright. The second day there were clouds, but still not the conditions that I love. It was good to get out before all the craziness of the latest variant, but I wish the conditions were more to my liking.

It is fair to say that I like going out to take photos, but not in summer. It is too hot, too bright, and just boring to me.

I don’t know if I will get back to taking photos like this as much. I am enjoying doing macro photography so much. I think I take more photos now than I did before. I love being able to just go outside and wander around the garden with the camera. Time will tell what happens.

Take care everyone, and we can talk soon.

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