Photo Challenge 12 – Cityscape


Here is the next photo challenge. We are up to the 12th one so far and this one is Cityscapes. A subject that I love.

Photo Challenge 12 – Cityscape


When your main focus for photography is a city it is very easy to get many cityscape images.


Once again, participate only if you want too.

Now the pingbacks aren’t really working, so I suggest if you do a post that you leave a comment with the link in it, and I will approve it.

If you are on Facebook there is a special group for sharing your photos, it is LCP Photo Challenge, and if you would like to join click here.

Wherever you post use the tag #lcp12

As always, your interpretation. Do what you want.


I don’t know when I first started photographing the city. It seems like I have been doing it forever. The reality is that I really love it. It is always changing and through the year you get it in different weather. I’m always up for a trip in there with my camera.

What is a cityscape? To me it is the same as a landscape, only taken in the city. Though I suppose a town would work as well. Perhaps any built-up area. I don’t want people to feel they can’t contribute because they live in rural areas.

Melbourne has many places where you can take photos of it. You can do them close up, or go across the river and get more. I love using the river. There is something about the water and the city beyond. They seem to work really well. Most of my images are long exposures. I like doing those, especially if you get great clouds.

Here is a gallery of some of my cityscapes. I’ve taken so many that it really wasn’t hard to find some. I look forward to seeing yours.

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    1. Hey, not bad. Doing alright, all things considered.

      The shot was taken during the Sydney Open. You get to check out a number of buildings, so I took advantage of what I could.

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