A quick catch up

This has to be quick, a million things to get done, but really not a lot to report.

Long Exposure Workshop

Last weekend I had my first long exposure workshop. It was fantastic and I had a great time. I had advertised it for 6, but there were only 3. I was initially disappointed, but it was really good and I’ve decided that future workshops will not have any more than 4 in them. That is a good number, and I have enough holders and filters that everyone can have their own during the workshop. It is good when people can go and do their own. I get them to put the filters in the holder, put it on their camera and that way they really get to experience doing their own long exposures. I can’t wait for the next one.

The next Long Exposure Workshop

Talking about the next one, I have put aside the morning of the 20th of May to do another one long exposure workshop, but this time down at Princes Pier, a very popular place for long exposure photography.

The workshop will start at 8am and go to 10am on Saturday the 20th of May. I will have Formatt Hitech Filters for you to try out and use.

This is a good opportunity for people who would love to try long exposure before they have the expense of buy the filters.

If you are interested, send me an email, leanne@leannecole.com.au

Digital Photography School

I forgot to tell you about an article that I had published recently. I did one on one of my favourite subjects to photograph, Urban Landscapes.

7 Tips for Urban Landscape Photography

Instagram ig_urbanlandscapes

I have started a new hub on Instagram called ig_urbanlandscapes, and if you click on the name it will take you to it. I hope the name says it all, it is all about urban landscapes, what you see in towns, and cities. It includes street views, street photography and cityscapes, architecture. It is wonderful to have some relief from all the landscapes you see there.


I thought it might be appropriate to look at more photos of Princes Pier. I’m lookng forward to running the workshop there.



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    1. I am hoping to do them a fairly regular basis Julie, so you never know, the next time you are this way, you might be able to do one.

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