A quick post for Wednesday


Time is getting away from me and I have so much work on at the moment, which is good, but then again means that spending time here is sacrificed. I wanted to do a post on a new social media site I’ve been using, but it will have to wait for now, so instead I have another image from my trip along the Great Ocean Road. 

This was taken at the 12 Apostles and these are the first two. It is sort of a long exposure. I was experimenting with the times to see if I could capture the way the water was moving. This is a 15 second exposure. It is nice to see the water almost calm, but be able to see where it has come from.

I have really enjoyed working on the photos from my trip along there and now I can’t wait to try going along there again. There are a few places I would like to spend more time at.

Well, I went out this morning and finally got my image for Monochrome Madness. I wanted something special for the seasons one and the weather conditions were perfect this morning. You will have to wait until tomorrow to see what I got.



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  1. I like the element of texture in photos of the ocean which often disappear when taking long exposures. You’ve managed to keep that element in this shot. Wonderful photo, Leanne!

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