Around Home – Banyule Flats


Photographing around home has to be a good thing and for me that includes a place called Banyule Flats. It is a quick walk away from me.


Around Home – Banyule Flats

Banyule Flats is a place I’ve been photographing for many years. It is a swamp that I could walk to and have.

Usually, it looks like the above at this time of the year. Occasionally in summer, it empties, but usually, by now it is full. Yesterday morning I went down expecting to find it full and with mist over the top. Like the following image.

It seems the lack of rain this year has had a big impact and instead we found this.


You normally can’t get anywhere near those posts as they are underwater. It dries out like this when we have very dry summers, but in early autumn we get a few big rainfalls and it fills again. It is a worry seeing it like this in mid-April. We definitely need rain. Well, we have had rain, what we really need is a lot of rain. No idea if we are going to get it though.


Being empty means you can take some photos that are not the norm. When it is full of water you can’t walk around the dead trees or the old fence posts. The dried up and cracked mud is really interesting as well.

There is a lesson in this really. We can live near somewhere and think that it isn’t that interesting. However, just because you don’t think it is interesting, doesn’t mean that others feel the same.

Also, you should visit it often because you never quite know how it will change over time. I love finding it empty, but it happens so rarely, so I need to make the most of it when it does happen.


When I went down there yesterday, I didn’t take a lot of photos, but I have a few for you to see how it was.

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