Back to the City

One of the great things from the trip to New Zealand was I got my mojo back and it has been good to get back to the city for some photography. The city is one of the subjects I photograph a lot.

Back to the City

It was strange over summer how I really didn’t want to go out and take photos. I know it wasn’t just the weather. For quite a while I think I was totally disillusioned with the whole world of photography.

Part of it comes from being the age I am, being made to feel like I have no value to the world. Age and being a woman in her 50’s does rather suck at times. It has been amazing but I have spoken to so many other women of the same age. We all feel the same. We feel as though society has forgotten us and we don’t matter. It has been suggested that we are the invisible generation.

What the solution to that problem is I don’t know.

Trying to find people who want to learn from me was another problem. Again, I think it went back to that being a woman in my 50’s. Do people really want to learn from me?

After deciding that I was going to give most of it up, I am finding that women are starting to find me. They want me to teach them how to do photography. Or, surprisingly, they want to just talk to me. That has been a massive surprise. It has made me feel better.


So I guess I am teaching again.

It isn’t a bad thing. Perhaps it even makes sense in many ways. It is something I enjoy doing. Meeting new people is wonderful. I am also thinking that maybe my target audience should be women my age. We understand one another.

3 Legged Thing Pro Team

Becoming part of the Pro Team for 3 Legged Thing has been a great morale boost. It makes me feel good and has helped to inspire me. Today my new tripod from them arrived and I can’t wait to get out to use it.

Getting my mojo back

I think it is fair to say that I definitely have it back. When I was travelling around New Zealand I knew it was back. It was so good getting out to take photos there. Since getting back I’ve been craving it and always looking to get out. The weather has been very wet though, but I have some trips planned.

The image below was taken during a lesson I was giving a woman from Perth. We spent a few hours together over a couple of days. I had so much fun with her and got some great images. It is the right season now for this sort of photography and I am going to get out as much as I can.

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  1. So glad that you have your Mojo back! Nothing quite like a trip to stimulate the senses with new experiences and places.

  2. Leanne–you have a wealth of knowledge to share. People who are turned off because of someone’s age–those are not your people! Mine neither.

  3. Don’t despair. When I think how far you have come and you have so many years left. I am quite a lot older than you and still get a thrill when I have my camera in my hands. In fact wish I lived in Australia and could link up with you! My daughter is your age and is getting over breast cancer. All along she has planned to make changes to her house. It has been very hard. Good luck

    1. Thank you Diana, I am feeling a lot better and especially more so because I think I can do more for women like us. I want to try. I love taking photos as well, I really hope that never changes. I’m so glad to hear your daughter is getting over the breast cancer, it is a horrible disease. It sounds like she has come through it with lots of determination, I love hearing that, thank you for sharing it with us.

  4. Just be you and the right people will find you. I found you and I’m thrilled to follow your teachings. I do understand the mojo thing though but I’ve decided as I’m now 51 to treat each day as if it’s my last. (Still practicing that one though) I live in Bayside and free through the week so always available for a cuppa or photography jaunt. Love your long exposure photography.

  5. Thank you for a beautiful image and for your observations on being a 50 something (10 in my case!!!) year old woman. I am convinced that some shops train their assistants that chatting amongst themselves is much better use of their time than assisting folk of our demographic. It does indeed suck.

    1. You’re welcome Jane, I think it is time we made people realise that we do exist and we do have a place. I know what you mean about the shops, I’ve had that happen to me so many times, it is so annoying. Thank you Jane.

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