Before and After – Dunedin Train Station

Before and After - Dunedin Train Station

Here is something I haven’t done for a while, a before and after of an image I did of the Dunedin Train Station. It is very different.

Before and After – Dunedin Train Station

The Dunedin Train Station is an incredible building. I can’t help thinking, “they don’t make them like that anymore”. Of course, it is true, they really don’t.

When we were there Suzzanna wanted to go back and take photos of it at night. I was up for it, but the weather wasn’t. It rained and that meant we wouldn’t be going out.

In the end, I had to be satisfied with what I had gotten in the morning we went there.


The sun was shining and we really didn’t get the conditions I would have liked. Let’s take a look at what I got.

Before and After - Dunedin Train Station

It is such a stunning building and I wanted to work on at least one. I wasn’t completely happy with it. The composition was okay, but it was pretty boring. The sky was full of clouds, but they were boring too.

So the challenge started. What could I do with this?


The thought crossed my mind if we couldn’t photograph it at night, could I make it look like it was photographed then?

Why not. I like a challenge.

The process took me around 6 hours. It was an interesting process.

Anyway, here is the final image.

Before and After - Dunedin Train Station

You might notice it is a different sky as well.

It isn’t perfect, but it was good fun seeing if it was possible. Perhaps if it hadn’t been sunny it might have worked better. I think it is something I will have to try again in the future.

Challenging yourself is a great thing to do.

I tend not to like doing these sorts of posts as in the past people have always said they like the original more. That just kills me, but thought this would be a good one to show.


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  1. The original is interesting but the final is dramatic and eye-catching. I like the way you work to develop you own style Leanne. Don’t worry about comments. These are only opinion. The only helpful criticism is technical with specifics that can assist you to further develop your style. Keep up the good work!

    1. Glad you think so Sheila. I do love working on photos to see what I can do with them. I have learned over the years to try and ignore those comments, it has taken me a while, but I stand by what I do and that is all that is important, I think. Thank you so much Sheila.

  2. Yeah I love that, it’s stunning – 6 hours work though. It’s whatever you enjoy doing. LOL – just realized you probably didn’t do it 6 hours straight but went back and forwards working on it.

    1. thank you Joanne. I love processing photos. Perhaps not straight, but close to. It is trying things, seeing if they work, deleting if they don’t, trying something else. You just never know.

  3. This is great! The original is nice, but nothing special. The edited version adds real mood. I especially like the way you’ve lit the street lamps and controlled the lighting on the building. I think I’d like it more without anything n the sky that swoosh of cloud in the sky seems distracting. Great work!

    1. That is pretty much how I felt Joanne. Yeah, I like clouds, but I did change the sky so there wouldn’t be many and if the shot was taken at night that is what they would look like. As I found out from other images. Thank you.

  4. Absolutely LOVE what you did. What post processing software do you use Leeane?

  5. You did a great job. I’d be inclined to clone out that white shade of light over the left side or mask it out with a black layer mask underneath. You really nailed it otherwise. It is fun to play.

    1. Thank you Pam, I did consider that, but thought there would be no reason why there wouldn’t have been a street light or something doing it. The reality was I tried to tone it down and did it as much as I could.

  6. What an amazing building! Good that your night version retained some of the beautiful architectural details. I like how you have lit up the street lights!

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