My first day in Beechworth

I know, I know, I should have got back to you sooner, but winter is coming and I’m trying my best to get as much knitting done as possible.

I’m madly knitting scarves and beanies so other people will have something warm to wear. I’ve told you about my knitting before.

I have also been trying to organise the installation of a new stovetop. The one I had still worked, but it just wasn’t working as well. Ever since I heard of induction stovetops I knew I wanted one.

I had a ceramic electric one and I loved that you could use it as part of the bench, so the induction works in with that. I love too that with this one I can’t accidentally set anything on fire. I did that in the flat we lived in when we were first married. I had a basket full of fruit and veggies and I put it on top of the electric stove. I didn’t realise I had bumped the knob and turned it on. I went in to see flames coming out of the basket. I calmly picked it up and took it out to the balcony. Was always more careful after that. Now that will never happen with my induction stove.

Let’s look at Beechworth

Driving to Beechworth from Melbourne was lovely. We made the decision that we wouldn’t go on the freeway and took the scenic route. Sometimes you just have to do that.

Beechworth is full of old buildings and one thing I didn’t realise was that it was also a gold mining town. I’ve been to old towns before and I wouldn’t say this was a favourite. It was so hard to photograph many of the buildings.

It is also famous because of Ned Kelly, but we can look at him another time.

However, if you stepped outside the main area you can find some nicer ones that were easier to photograph like this old church.

Then there was this museum and library.

It was an interesting two days and it was fun looking around. Really it wasn’t enough time to do a lot, but we did fill in our time.

I have to admit that we did seem to spend a lot of time trying to find places to eat. I know we shouldn’t expect the cafes that you get in Melbourne, but we weren’t really expecting it to be that bad either.

It was confusing, places we thought might be open weren’t. Or other places were so booked out we couldn’t get in. I think we should have been prepared and done more cooking ourselves. I usually do that, but Sandra thought it would be a food and wine trip. We were very disappointed.

One thing we didn’t really think about was that it is autumn and so many of the trees were changing and it was so pretty.

Everywhere we went we would see it. Most places in Australia seem to have evergreen trees everywhere with the odd deciduous tree. However, up there and all around that area there are so many trees that change. It was just so beautiful.

The first day we didn’t do much. We arrived in time for a late lunch and then just walked around the place to see what we could find.

I will be doing more posts on other things we saw while there in the next few days.

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    1. I didn’t think of looking for antique shops. I wish I had now. The food was disappointing, but I did love the history there. Thanks Chris.

  1. Beechworth looks like a nice small town, my home state has lots of little towns like this.

    1. If you don’t look at the politics it is a lovely country. Though we did just vote in a new mob, let’s hope that are good, they certainly couldn’t be worse than the last lot.

    2. Same for here, it’s a beautiful country that politicians and the dolt puppet president are trying to dismanle and destroy. Evil people.

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