Catching and looking back at the Aquarium

There isn’t a lot to report this week. I’ve spent most of it trying to get back into my writing. I have admit I took quite a big of time off over Christmas. I have some articles to get done and well, what can I say, they are happening slowly. I’m just trying to write, anything, just get something down.

Digital Photography School

I have had an article published on Digital Photography School. It is all about exhibiting your work. My experience of getting work ready, approaching galleries, and the different types of galleries. You can find the article here:

How to Prepare a Photography Exhibit of Your Work

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I’ve been getting lots of positive responses to the new theme on my site. I’m so glad that overall everyone likes it. There are still some things to work on, and templates to work out how to use.

One thing that I’ve been thinking about doing is adding a news section on the Home page. So when I get an article published, or something else happens I can just add it there without having to wait for a blog post, so it will be like a News section. It is the Home page that I want to change the most, so it will be a work in progress for a while.


Today I have found some photos that were taken two years ago at the Melbourne Aquarium. I went with a friend and her daughter. I find Aquariums very interesting to photograph and also a challenge. Trying to photograph objects that never stop moving in a dark conditions does make your work very hard. If you have seen these before I hope you enjoy seeing them again, and for those that haven’t seen them, I hope you enjoy them now.

Take care.

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  1. Hi Leanne. I liked your photos of the aquatic life. Especially a couple of the close up ones. Re the DPS article there is no link. Will have to visit this aquarium in the near future. Ron

  2. Good luck with the writing, Leanne. Writing can take time but if it’s a subject that you’re passionate about then it will be fun and much easier to write. I too like the new theme on your blog – it is clean and things look very organised, and my eyes are immediately drawn to your photos. It can certainly be challenging to photograph the sea creatures in the aquarium as you said. Not only because of low light, you have to be careful of reflections too. Also best to go when it is not the school holidays.

    Looks like 2017 is in full swing and hope it is going well for you. It is already back to work for me. But I have a feeling there are exciting things in store for everyone. Hopefully at some point this year I’ll get a new camera and lens 😀

    1. Thanks Mabel, it is starting to come together.Thanks, glad you like the new theme has been great to get positive feedback.
      The aquarium is hard, have you tried doing it. Yes, school holidays can be terrible, but then you have to deal with school groups.

      I hope so, it would be nice to have a great year. I hope you get what you are hoping for. 😀

    2. I have been to the aquarium twice. Second time I had a much better camera, one that could do manual mode compared to the first time when I used a cheap camera on auto. Still got blurry and grainy shots and seemed like many sea creatures were hiding or asleep, lol.

      Looking forward to see what you come up with with your photos this year. Last year was really bold and I am sure you will step up again 😀

    3. I tried my macro there recently, but gave up, it just wouldn’t work the way I wanted it too, a normal lens was so much better. It is hard to photograph and any shot that is in focus is fantastic.

      Thank you Mabel, it is going to be an interesting year I think. I’m standing to understand so much more what I want to do, which is great, and I hope you feel that I do step it up again. 😀 I hope you get a chance to get a new camera this year.

  3. Leanne, I hope your writing goes better than mine…I’ve started work on a new short story and, as always, I find it so difficult to write fiction. Truth is not only stranger than fiction but a much easier genre for me.:)
    Good luck!

    1. I am hopeless at fiction, I’m afraid to say. I find the writing easy but the content isn’t good. I have to say about what you know, for me photography, is much easier. Thanks, I’m getting there.

  4. Love your aquarium gallery. Good you got a bit of break at Christmas. Wishing you a productive and happy 2017, Leanne.

    1. Thank you Ruth, it was hard not to really, everyone was on holidays here in the house. Thanks, and all the best to you too Ruth.

  5. Brings back memories – I visited Melbourne Aquarium & Oceanarium when I was in Australia in 2009.

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