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Yesterday I posted a blog post on my other site showing some images from my venture in the city of Melbourne the other day. It is my intention to continue working on a few images for this post. Ones that I do a lot more processing too. It is nice to have this blog to show my fine art photos more.


One of the really nice things about Federation Square is how it looks when it is wet. I love how the sandstone goes a beautiful golden and pink colour. It is such a textured and patterned place. These steps are around the back, sort of, near the river. I haven’t really taken many photos around there, but I must make sure I change that. When I processed this image I really wanted to emphasize the steps and the colours of them.  There was someone sitting up the top but I decided to get rid of them.

river-bridge-railway-sandridge-melbourneUnderneath the old railway bridge, the Sandridge Bridge, there are lots of patterns and shapes there as well. A strong steel structure. It has lots of arches and pylons. I think the long exposure of the water helps to highlight that steel. The water almost disappears. When I processed it I concentrated on the steel structure.

southbank-river-longexposure-clouds-nightI like the clouds in this one, but out of the three I think this is the weakest. There are too many things in it that I don’t really like. The clouds were moving very fast so it was easy to get the movement in a 30 second exposure. I think the whole image is too glitzy for what I usually look for. I really dislike the lights on the bridge as well. It is a scene I must go back to again, maybe after Christmas.

The trip into the city really was great and I still have a lot more photos to process, if I choose to. I am really enjoying exploring architecture again. I think I have missed it. I’m looking forward to seeing where my work goes in the future.

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  1. Nice work, Leanne.
    I spend a fair amount of time capturing photos in the Melbourne CBD. I think it is a endless resource, always changing as the light changes.
    I am particularly interested in your comment about removing people from a photo. That has been my practice also, but I am beginning to change my mind thinking people give a photo scale, perspective and relevance. I guess removing people from photos is justified when their presence doesn’t contribute in one of these ways.

    1. Thank you Don.
      I think it is an endless source as well. There is still so much I haven’t seen yet.
      I think removing people is really up to what you want from your photos, I like an empty landscape and it works with my work, but it wouldn’t necessarily be important for others. I think we often focus too much on the people, so I either make it so they aren’t obvious or remove them. The story is the building not the people. but that’s me and how I work.

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