Catching up and revisiting Ripponlea

Here are we are again, and it is time to take a look at what I’ve been up to.

Lensbaby on Digital Photography School

Here is the link to my latest article for Digital Photography School

What’s special about the Lensbaby Velvet 56 and is it for you?

This is my review of the Velvet 56 lens. I really like it. If you like the article consider sharing it. Thanks.

Dynamic Range Magazine

We are getting the next issue ready for you. We have some articles and a feature on Kathleen Clemons, a fantastic macro photographer from Maine in the USA. It will be ready around mid November.

My Blog and Website

I am hoping you realise I’m trying to make changes here. The reality is that being a photographer is hard work and trying to compete with everyone is even harder. I have decided that I need to do my own thing. So what will that mean?

To start with I’m going to still be teaching and if people want to learn from me that will always be an option. I just don’t get enough people wanting it, so I have to start this rethink.

One thing I always intended was doing reviews here. I often get approached to write about products and I can’t always do articles for Digital Photography School. Many companies are happy with my blog and what I do, so I do want to do 14615622_10154064871102773_5325893430114501440_othat a lot more.

I just received a heap of new gear from Formatt Hitech which includes their new filter holder so I will be doing a test of it and will let you know what I think of it.

I’m also considering starting some small tutorials, teaching little things. Writing tutorials is hard work, but I may start doing some basic video tutorials. Not sure yet how this will happen. I do want to run classes for people who want to learn Photoshop beyond the basics, but I might do some basic tutorials here.

I have been thinking about some bylines for me and my site. I’ve come up with the following two:

Dare to Different!

Don’t just accept what the camera gives you!

They both reflect how I feel about photography, but would like to know what you think.

They are all just thoughts, but you should start to see some differences soon.


The photos today were taken about 3 years ago on a visit to Ripponlea. I really must get back. I would love to go there with my Lensbaby lenses. The gardens are stunning. Today I have some photos of the house for you.

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  1. Hey Leanne .. Dare to be different is great! I have no idea how you manage to do everything! Amazing girl ..

    1. I really like it too, I think it gets done one thing at time, but maybe I exaggerate how busy I really am, lol. Thank you Julie.

  2. Beautiful photos.
    Finding a tagline is just as hard as finding the niche. 🙂

    BTW, how’s Tiddles.

    1. Thank you David, it is hard.

      He is doing better, still a way to go, but hopefully it will be all sorted soon and not before we are broke.

  3. Lovely images. I’m glad you get a chance to do reviews. I struggle too trying to figure out what people want and where I can best fit in and compete. Good for you for keeping on.

  4. Hello, Leanne, well here are a couple of thoughts from me. First, your words “The reality is that being a photographer is hard work and trying to compete with everyone is even harder”. I’ve no doubt at all that it is hard work, no doubt at all. And I think that the competitive element must be very wearing. But I don’t know if you’re able to get out of those scenarios – I hope very much that you are. And I DO think that your “Dare to be Different!” line is an excellent one, it is entirely the right thing to do – be YOURSELF, be creative, and see where it takes you. Adrian

    1. It does get very wearing Adrian, have to always try and be different I guess, find my niche, I guess I just have to keep trying. I’m in a position where I don’t have to make a lot of money, but some is good, so that is the goal, find a way to make some, help pay off our house. That’s great, I like that Dare to be Different, always something I’ve strived for. Thank you so much Adrian, I appreciate your thoughts on this.

    2. I wish you well, my friend. However, my take on things is not that its a case of always trying to be different – although I do enjoy being adventurous with my photography – but rather its just a question of following your gut feelings, doing what seems right for you, rather than being (overly) influenced by current fashions and trends. Adrian

    3. Thank you Adrian. That’s great, I think that is always a good way to go. I don’t like being influenced by trends, if possible, though in some ways it is hard not to be.

  5. Hi Leanne. As these were taken 3 years ago I for one have seen a definite improvement in your Photos. I like the diving board shot, it gives the feeling that you want to run down it and jump/dive into the inviting pool.

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