Looking longingly at the City of Melbourne over the Yarra River

The weekend before when I went to the city I did get up very early to go and take photos. So glad I did as it started raining not long after, if I had slept in I would have missed my opportunity to get any photos. It rained all day.

These are all long exposures. The first one of the city was taken with my new Formatt Hitech circular filters, the ones I got a magnetic kit for. I really need to do a post on those.

The other two were taken with the OKKO filters. The sunrise one was using their ND 6 and the last one was using the ND 10. It may look like there is some colour cast, but I did that. I was playing around with the split toning in Photoshop. I have only just learned I can do that. I love learning new things.

The weekend did get rained out, but I did manage to get some nice photos. There will be more to show you.

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