Floral Friday – Some of my first photos taken with Lensbaby lenses

I wanted to take photos in my garden for you today, but to be honest there is almost nothing out there. We have been having a really cold winter this year with frost after front. I have no idea what will survive.

I went out with my Lensbaby Velvet 56mm and since I didn’t really get anything I thought maybe I could show some photos taken with the Lensbaby lenses back in 2016 which is when I started using them.

I hope you enjoy these.

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  1. I had to look up Lensbaby as I’d never heard of it. It seems to produce interesting effects in a nicely soft-focus way – in your hands, anyway!

    1. It does Margaret. I love using them, and they give a different look not just for flowers, but many things. Thank you so much Margaret.

  2. This is our garden’s busy season and while you have been cold, here it has been super hot! I really like your lensbaby photos. I was thinking of buying one, but I really couldn’t figure out what I would need and eventually gave up. Lensbaby isn’t a lens. It seems to be a set of lenses that you can put together any number of ways. I just couldn’t figure out what I needed so it’s most interesting to see your photos. They are lovely and a bit mystical and magic.

    1. I can imagine your garden would be blooming. Mine is looking dead. They do do one that is a lens, look up the Lensbaby Velvet 56. It is easier to use. Though they are all manual focus. They do have those others which are lots of other bits and bobs, and they give you different results again. I think the mystical and magic is why I love their lenses. Thank you Marilyn.

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