Checking out the full moon

As I said the other day my time with the lenses is coming to an end, but thankfully there is a full moon before they go.

The last one we had it was raining, but this time the sky was clear.

To take a look at the different lengths I though first I would show you how close you can get with the lenses.

This is the Tamron 150-500mm at 500mm.

There is no cropping.

Now here the image with the Fujifilm 150-600mm.

I will put them and a couple of cropped ones in a gallery so you can see them better.

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  1. Your photos brought back memories of having parties with my friends and trying to capture a lunar eclipse with our photos taken with still print 35 MM cameras. I will have to dig out those prints
    Thanks for the memory.

  2. Thanks for this. Hoping to catch the full moon tonight in Barcelona 🤞
    Camera is mounted, settings are set…just waiting for it to make its majestic appearance in about 90 mins

    1. I did, thank you. 👍
      There was a moment where I could see the moon through a neighbour’s window – it was an amazing view, but I couldn’t figure out how to capture it as I saw it. That was disappointing.

    2. Maybe you need to just keep working out, thankfully there is a full moon every month. I’m glad you got some great shots as well.

  3. Oh boy, there’s hardly any difference. If I had to choose, I have to side with Fuji. If I were buying, I’d probably go with Tamron because of the price difference.

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