Different processing and playing with tilt shift on my images

This morning I was in the kitchen making a coffee and Dave yelled out to me from the lounge room wanting to know if I knew about tilt shift.

At first I thought he meant tilt shift lenses, but then I saw the YouTube video he was watching and realised it was the tilt shift where you make things look like models. It was a really popular technique quite a few years ago.

I said yeah, I know about that. It is about blurring most of the image and leaving some clear. I went on to explain that you have to be looking down on something to get it to work. I made him stop on a scene in the video and showed him how you could see where they had blurred the background. I have no idea how they do it for video, I don’t do enough of it, but I knew how to do it with photos. Actually, I knew the basics.

I told him that I thought it was easy to do. Well, my understanding is that it is easy. So I said I would see if I could do some and here are the results.

I find it hard to evaluate if they have worked because I know what the original looks like. Dave thought they looked like tilt shift and kept saying it was like looking at models of Melbourne.

I thought it might be fun to show them to you as well.

While it is easy to do, I did watch a tutorial on YouTube to show me how to do it. I knew there was more to it than just blurring part of the image. I think there are lots of tutorials about how to do it. It isn’t a new technique.

I hope you liked looking at these and if you want to see the original inspiration here is the video Dave was watching.

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  1. These are fun and certainly have that look of a model. I especially like the one of the marina/port, and the train in the station works very well too. I’m not sure I’ll want to try this but if I do I’ll watch that video for tips – thank you 🙂

    1. I first learned about this technique years ago, but never really got into it, and the only reason I did this time was because I wanted to show Dave, but I don’t know that I would do it again. Good to hear which ones you think worked well. Thank you Sarah.

  2. They are all beautiful, but I like the one with the boats in the marina the best.
    And like everyone says, the colors are great.
    It’s a very good tip, and a lot of fun to do I think.
    Thanks for sharing Leanne!

    1. The one you like the most was the first one I did. Apparently that is part of the process to over saturate, which was very different for me. You’re welcome, good to hear you thought it was interesting.

  3. I loved these images. I think one thing that makes tilt shift really work well is having a lot of colors, as in your photos.

  4. I’ve often liked this look, but never had the patience with photoshop or GIMP to do it the way I liked.

    Though I just thought of something that might be fun to do with this technique… maybe I’ll have to learn. (Or reach out for a collab since you clearly are better at PS than I ever will be).

    1. The tutorial I found is pretty easy, though about 3 years old so some things have changed. It was easy to do.

      Yeah we could have a go at that. It could fun, let me know how you want to proceed Matt.

  5. It must be a WP issue, your words are still writing across the graphics. It probably doesn’t look that way when you click on the link to your site. I read thru Notifications which could also be why. Great learning experience. 🙂

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