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This morning I had a lovely morning out with a new friend, David and his daughter. We went down to Frankston with the hope of doing some long exposures. Unfortunately there were no clouds and it was a little bit boring. We then headed to Mordialloc. The company was good, the sky was too clear.
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While in Hobart I had an opportunity to go out with my friend Fi to do a sunrise. She knew a good place to go, so she picked me up and took me down to the harbour. It was so surprising as we actually got a sunrise, and a beautiful one. It lasted for quite a while so I was able to get a few different positions.
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Day 7

When I got up yesterday morning I was treated to a nice sunrise. It was the first one I had seen here. We haven’t seen the sun a lot while we have been here.



Yesterday started with a trip to the Cascade Female Factory, or in other words a prison for female convicts when they arrived in Tasmania.


I don’t want to say too much about it right now. I will do a full post on it and what you can see there when I get home.


I thought I would be walking around the area where the Salamance market is held on Saturday’s in the rain, but after a few minutes the sun come out and it was so nice.


The sun was coming through the autumn leaves to give a lovely light. It is winter really and you would think the leaves would have left the tree by now, but they were still there.


Everywhere I went I saw that all the statues had been covered up. I have no idea why. Must be part of the winter festival that is happening here at the moment.


I went into the city area and can’t help myself. The buildings were incredible. Hobart is a much older city than Melbourne and being a convict settlement it has buildings from that period. I would love to explore them more and spend time learning about them. Unfortunately time is running out this trip.

Last night I was invited to a Instameet, something I’ve never done before. There was a big event on, run by Tourism Tasmania, I believe. It was pretty amazing. They had a mirror maze, OMG, that was scary. You can’t see where you are going and it is so easy to get confused and lose your way. It was good my friend knew how to get out so we managed to do that.

Day 8

This has been a rather relaxing day. We didn’t do a lot. We did go to the Salmanca Market and bought gifts to take home, well I did. Then after we went on an adventure, well sort of.


We could see Mount Wellington from the market and there was snow on it, so it had snowed overnight. We were going to the Huon Valley and this is one of the photos I got with my phone.


Not a great photo, but you get the idea. It was interesting driving in the snow. Not something we have done much of in Australia. We don’t get a lot of snow here, so it is always fun when we do. Well they might here, but from where I’m from, never.



We went driving to the Huon Valley to go to Frank’s Cider place in Franklin where I found an interesting Church, St John’s. It is no longer used as a Church, but they are trying to save it so it doesn’t get sold and turned into a home.


There are also some interesting old graves around the Church. It isn’t often you see a church with a graveyard, well not in Melbourne or Victoria, they are nearly always in completely different places.


We saw some great mushrooms there as well. Love the red ones, I hardly ever see them, so this was a great treat.


On the way to the Wall of Lollies we saw some great boats moored in the river.


What do you think, think you will take it up.

We ended up home earlier and have been resting and taking it easy, tomorrow is set to be a massive day. Our last full day here before we get set to go home. Can’t believe the trip is almost over.


We listened to the sound of rain all night and as we woke up this morning. We decided that there wasn’t much point getting up early to take photos and almost decided that today would be a rest day. Then we thought, let’s go and get some coffee, but the rain stopped, so we headed out. We had a quick stop at the Coffee Shack here in Strahan to get a coffee and got some great tips from the lady that works there. Oh yeah, the coffee was good, and we will be going back tomorrow morning.

We ended up getting about 4 hours to take photos, which was good, we had missed lunch and when we started thinking about food the sky started getting darker and darker. We stopped to get some lunch and the rain started and hasn’t stopped.

We did wake up to the news that Tasmania was flooding and it took us a while before we found out that we were okay. Hopefully it won’t effect us too much.

We took photos all around the harbour here in Strahan and also went for a drive to Macquarie Heads, then to the beach. I will put explanations on the photos for you.

I will leave it there, I hope you enjoy the photos.



Trying to put up fresh photos every day, or rather at least one is a challenge. I’m lucky I have lots of photos that I can go back and use, but still, sometimes when looking for one you see something in another that you hadn’t noticed before. Then again sometimes there is a series of images that you hadn’t considered making one of, like this one of the New York night lights.


This image is done with four images to give more light trails from the boats going past. It is a process I have done before. It is also something that I had thought of doing a tutorial on. So if you are interested in learning how to do this, let me know and I will prepare one.

It is that time of the week again and it has been a good week as I look back on what I’ve done. I’ve been away up in the Mallee again to visit my mother, but, as always, I managed to get out to take photos while I was there. It is such a different landscape up there, and I really enjoy getting out, though, it was rather hot and humid one of the days and it wasn’t so nice.

As I usually do I have some photos for you that I have had on Social Media this week, specifically Instagram. Some are from the city and some from up in the Mallee.


I’ve shown this image before, I did it last weekend. I like the image and had to put it up on Instagram.


I took this photo almost five years ago. I really didn’t like the way I processed them back then, so I thought I would try it again. It is something I think I might have to try doing some more.


I processed this image earlier in the year. It was a long exposure taken during the day. I manipulated it a lot to get the look I was after.


Another image from earlier in the year. The red rocks give such a gorgeous tone to the image. I like the creaminess of the water as well. This was taken down near Jan Juc on Victoria’s coastline.


I love my mum’s garden and it is great to get up there to take photos of the flowers and other things I find it in. I also like playing with the images to see what I can do with them.


This was in the last post that I did, so you don’t need me to talk about it again.


The landscape up there can be very stark. It can also be quite sad. Salt is a major problem and I like trying to capture the starkness of it.


Some more carnations that were in my mother’s garden only these ones were dead. They were definitely past their bloom. Dead flowers can make beautiful subjects for photos.

I think Instagram has been really good for me. Besides giving me more exposure, it is giving me a real push to start producing more fine art images. I have really enjoyed getting back to doing them and showing them to you.


Today was the big day, the first excursion.  I have to admit I wasn’t bowled over by people wanting to join the Social Snappers, but I decided I would go ahead anyway.  It was a cold windy day, thankfully not a wet day as well.  The Docklands put on a great show of cold weather, but on the plus side, it was quiet and we just got on with exploring and taking photos, that is what we were there for.  We did explore some areas that I have never been to before, and we picked out some locations for future trips to photograph the sunset there.


This is perhaps one of my favourites from today.  There are these stump things sticking out of the water all over the place.  We couldn’t work out what the significance of them was, and in the end, decided we didn’t care.  I loved them, and would like to go back and photograph them again.  Look how still the water was, the wind picked up not long after this and it was not still again.

The Social Snappers is about organised outings for people to take photos.  It is an opportunity to go out with other people who have similar interests and take photos.  I do the organising and you come and take photos.

Social Snappers Photography Excursions

I have some more photos that I took today as well.

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