Field of Lights is like a field of dreams – Nighttime at Uluru

This excursion was something that Suzzanna really wanted to do. Though when I saw what it was, I wasn’t opposed to doing it.

Basically it is a large field that has 50,000 solar lights in it. It is meant to be like wildflowers I think.

You go there as the sun is setting and then slowly the lights come on. To get there you have to go on a tour. Sadly you can’t just drive there. There were more expensive ones that included dinner, but we didn’t want to spend that kind of money, so we went just for the lights.

The above image belongs to Suzzanna. It is quite amazing with Uluru in the distance.

It was amazing, but I’m not going to explain it all, I have this link for you.

Click to access LON-Field-of-Light-Fact-Sheet.pdf

It will help explain it all far better.

I don’t want to talk too long, but I just wanted to explain that all the photos in the post were taken with my phone and the above Suzzanna’s phone. We weren’t allowed to use a tripod in the field, so to get photos with my camera I had to have the ISO on 25000 and they are just so noisy. I don’t really like them much. It is a shame, but thankfully newer phones do fairly good with night photography now.

Here is a  gallery for you.

Until next time. Let’s talk soon.

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    1. haha, well she is right, though I went with a friend and I like getting up early, but there are some things, that I don’t like. I hate going to places with lots of people.

    1. I don’t know, you would have had to hold it for a while though. I did think about it, but in the end decided some things might be better just enjoyed. My new phone did a great job. thanks Chris

  1. Wow! What a spectacular sight. Your photos are fabulous. I love the idea of connecting this natural feature and all of its ancient and traditional aspects with the contemporary art installation of the lights. It’s an interesting juxtaposition.

    1. Thank you Laura. I know it is an amazing installation. Took a while to set it up. It was only meant to be there for a short time, but then they decided to make it permanent which I think was fantastic.

    1. Thank you Svetlana. It was a shame, apparently to dangerous for them, which I get. There were a lot of us there and it was hard to see in the dark.

  2. The view is very beautiful, Leanne! Love this. I find it ridiculous that you can’t use a regular camera though. There is a place here that has many if not most of, the old signs from the Vegas Strip from long ago but of course we can’t use our regular cameras! So dumb.

    1. It was too dark John, the lights seem bright, but they weren’t really. We could barely see where to walk. It was beautiful. Also, this place is in the middle of Australia and there are no lights anywhere except those on the ground. It is one of the best places in the world to do astrophotography for that reason, well not at the field, but in other places. Thank you John.

    2. I did use my regular camera, but the photos are so horrible, I should have put one in the post so you could see, they were just so noisy.
      Absolutely no noise pollution. We didn’t plan our trip very well and were there at the wrong time to do astrophotography sadly.

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