Floral Friday: Flowing bulbs


Unfortunately I have no idea what these are, I want to say snow drops, but I am probably wrong.


This was taken with the Lensbaby Velvet 85.

It is all packed up now and ready to be picked up. I have enjoyed the lens so much that I have told my husband to get me one for Christmas.

I find the lens very versatile and think I would like to explore more street photography with it, if you can believe that. I also really like it for macro. I do like it a lot more than the Velvet 56, though it is also good. I should probably get out with it again and reacquaint myself with it.

This was taken about a month ago at Alowyn Gardens. It is perfect there for photography right now. So many flowers to photograph. I am going to have to go back very soon.

It is getting hot here, and the summer is looking like it will be one of those long hot ones, so that will mean not many flowers over the next few months.

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  1. Hi Leanne, I love the look of the Lensbaby Velvet images and was wondering which would you recommend 56 or 85 as the most versatile. I’m interested in macro and general photography and do not have a macro lens yet. I’m comfortable with manual focus. Love your work, Dianne

    1. I would definitely go or the Velvet 85, while you don’t necessarily get any closer with the 85, you can get better images and closer when at a distance, especially if you love macro. I also found that it was better for street and really enjoyed the blur effect. I do have a macro, I have the Nikon 105mm, but I hardly ever use it now. I find the manual focus easy now as well. I’ve got used to it. I hope that helps Dianne.

    2. Thanks Leanne, I have a mirrorless Sony A6000 would that make a difference to your recommendation. I was leaning towards the 85mm lens based the images I seen, but was wondering about the crop factor effect. Many thanks, Dianne

    3. TBH, I don’t really know how they go on the mirrorless, but you should still get the same effects and they should work fine. I would go for the 85, I’ve just ordered it myself. I don’t know if there is a crop factor, though if there is you have to wonder if it will be to your benefit, you will be able to get closer again.

  2. Hey Leanne .. love this pic. It looks for the world like onion weed, but I can’t imagine them having this in Gardens as it propagates like mad. I hope you get one for Christmas πŸ™‚

  3. So beautiful Leanne! I don’t think they’re snow drops but they’re pretty no matter what they are called. πŸ™‚ I’m a little jealous of you as you head into summer while here in New Jersey, the fall is upon us.

    1. Thank you, yeah, I don’t think so either, someone on Facebook was saying onion weed, but I find it difficult to think they would have that in the gardens. Don’t be jealous, our summers are revolting, really hot and very very sunny. Get sunburnt so quickly.

    1. I had to change blogs Leanne. I made the bad choice to move the old site to self-hosting and it all went down from there.

      It all started because WordPress removed the ability of site owners to purchase space upgrades. They force people to move to the Business Plan.

      It’s too complicated to write it all down here but suffice it to say I’m back with a new site. The only other option is to remove your older content. Really stupid, WordPress.

    2. It is a big gamble going to self hosted, I’m still not back where I was when I was still on wordpress, but I’m okay with the self hosted.

      It has been a while since I was there, business is quite expensive isn’t it.

      Yes, it is bizarre how they do it. Thanks for explaining it all John. Nice to hear from you.

    3. Oh it’s nuts Leanne – At some point in time I’ll have to delete old content to avoid having to go that $300 fiasco way again. Shame on WP, so greedy.

    4. That is so annoying, though didn’t they increase the amount of space you could have for the free ones? They are getting greedy, so glad I did the self hosting.

    5. I had to look up the total storage allocation on the Premium plan – it’s just 13G. How stupid, and is also why I’ve avoided uploading video. Added one the other day but I reduce the file size as much as possible first. I’m glad your experience with self-hosting has been good. 😬

    6. That’s not too bad, for a long time it was only 3 GB, so 13 is fantastic. I think I had that amount when I had the business plan and I never filled it. I would recommend putting videos up on YouTube or somewhere else first, then just adding the link, that should reduce the size. It has been good, though engagement is down, but I like that I own it.

    7. I don’t recall it being 3g, so tiny! I’m just avoiding video as much as possible and reducing the file size as much as possible. I really dislike YT and avoid it but there are other hosting options. All my photos are under 1mb, trying to conserve.

    8. My old blog only has 3GB, when I wanted to stop the business plan I had to delete so many photos from it to get it under that 3. So it is nice to see you get a lot more now. I haven’t had any problem with YouTube, so I will keep using it at this stage.

  4. It’s the opposite of hot here… just had first little snow. Where are all the flower experts, I have no clue. Street might be interesting with that lens.

    1. How nice, I will swap you, much prefer the cold to the heat. I have no idea, I’m sure someone will tell us. I think so too, I did enjoy it the day I went out with it.

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