Finally getting out to take some photos

Finally getting out to take some photos

It really has been strange this last year, but finally getting out to take some photos was so good. First time in over a year.

Last Tuesday my friend Chris and I went to Point Lonsdale.

Coronavirus made it hard to get out

With Coronvirus going out to take photos has been really hard. We spent 4 to 5 months in lockdown last year, but now we are being allowed to move around more. Life has almost returned to normal, except we still have to wear masks in some conditions and sanitizing our hands is still really important.

With all the crap our government got over those lockdowns I am so glad now that they were done as it meant that we are in a far better place than many countries around the world. It also means that we can now go out and do things like taking photos.

Going to Point Lonsdale to take some photos

We had fun walking around and taking some photos, but it was very windy, sunny and extremely crowded.  Well, not overly run by people, but enough. I had thought I would do some long exposures, but the conditions weren’t good for it.

In the end, I used the day to work on my video skills. I’m still trying to get better at talking to the camera, so I did a bit of that. This is something that I really enjoy doing, the video that is. If I had to I would probably say I like talking on film too. It is nice not typing and just talking, it seems more natural.

I hope you will take the time to see how my day in Point Lonsdale went. Below the video from YouTube, I have some photos of the day.


Photos from the day

I have worked on a few photos for you to look at. They are here in the gallery.

I will be back next week with another garden update and some more news on what is happening in my life and world. Take care everyone.

Finally getting out to take some photos

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  1. Hi Leanne. Just starting out in “Long Exposure Photography”. I have sent a request for your 10 tips and am now more motivated to improve on this skill and I am sure your tips will be an excellent guide.

    1. Just be careful with the tips as they were meant for experienced photographers. I don’t know your skill level, so if you are experienced, then you should find them helpful. I don’t want to step on any toes here. Good luck.

  2. Loved taking a walk with you and Chris. Great video; enjoyed it, and I always like the cast that you put on your photos. Nice to hear things are better there. We are still having to wear masks, distance, and no gatherings. Can’t wait until our numbers are better here in Ohio U.S. so can have all my kids come stay and cookouts, etc.

    1. Thank you Peabea, I love going out with Chris, we always have a lot of fun. We were lucky really, our state government made us go into lock down last year for almost 4 months, it was really tough, but now I think most of us are grateful that we did it. We just hope it goes away and doesn’t come back. Take care.

  3. Leanne, great to see you out there for doing what you love. Some of it looks like in my hometown in California, the Pier, the waves and so on, except we don’t have a light tower. Actually you inspired me to go out and take pictures where I live. Thanks for your great share and be well.

    1. Thank you Cornelia, it was good, shame the weather wasn’t great for what I wanted. That’s great to hear, I hope you got some good ones.

  4. So good to see your photos again. My camera is my companion when walking on Hayling Island.
    Love the light on your photos.

  5. Such gorgeous photography, LeAnn! I love the rocks, I’m partial to rocks, I guess. I so enjoyed the gallery and slide show. Also the close ups under the pier. Nice to see you.

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