Monochrome Madness – Lake Mapourika New Zealand

I’ve been spending a heap of time going through all my photos from my trip to New Zealand in 2019. What a mess. I know I have said this before, but again, you should sort through your photos straight away otherwise it will be a massive job later on.

I found doubles of most of them and in some instances quadruples. I have spent the last two days sorting and deleting photos. I think we worked out I have deleted over 6000 so far. It has been driving me mad.

However, as you go through all the older photos you do get to look at them again. While going through a particularly large folder I found the photos from our boat trip on Lake Mapourika.

I kept looking at them thinking they would make great black and white images, or monochrome. Then I found one that I did back then for Monochrome Madness and I have put it as the header image.

I also saw the mountains and couldn’t help, once again, thinking about Ansel Adams.

Í’m sure his looked a lot better, but also the weather was against us quite a bit for this trip. The cloud was very low and it was threatening to rain all the time.

I do like it when you can see the layers of a landscape. Like being able to see mountains and mountains. Mountains are so fascinating to me. We really don’t have any giants in Australia.

There is something mystical when it is like that. The clouds are like blankets on the mountains.

It has been good being able to look at my images again. It does bring back lots of memories. Places I had forgotten about and places I loved.

I am sure you will see more of the photos from New Zealand showing up as monochrome images.

I’m going to put them into a gallery now, click on one and then you can scroll through them. That way you can see them without distractions.

Till next time.

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  1. As you know, Leanne, I do like a bit of B&W, and I do think that mountains, rock faces (and weather!) rarely need colour. Lovely, and atmospheric.

    1. I am not opposed to colour images, most of mine are, but sometimes, especially when they are almost monochrome anyway stripping away all colour can make you concentrate more on the atmospheric details more. I think there are arguments for both. Thank you.

  2. WOWSERS these are BREATHTAKING and so moody!! I am a sucker for moody photography. Thanks for sharing Leanne!

  3. Let me know if you’re in the area. We’ll take you guys to see some mountains.

    1. We’re also planning to move from the area; but if you make it up this way, let me know regardless. I’d come back to make good on the promise.

    2. Depends on my wife’s job; but we are initially shooting for central Kansas. I’m tired of living in the city, with people stacked right on top of us. I’m looking to buy some insulation.

      However, my folks live in west Texas and we don’t dislike that area (I just don’t love it quite as much as I like central Kansas)… so that’s a possibility.

    3. So you could end up at either. Doesn’t Kansas get tornadoes? lol. My husband and I have thought about leaving the city, but we live in a pocket where we have so much parkland and across the road there are horses so we feel like we live in a rural setting already.

    4. Sounds pretty nice. We used to have open areas near us — and we’re not too far from the river and some parks.. but it’s just not the same city it was when I moved here. It used to be a small town with big city convenience… and now it’s just big city.

      It’s just not for me any more.

    5. Yeah we are lucky that it has been made parkland and will never be built on, but I get what you mean. I hate it when that happens. I’ve seen it happening to lots of parts of Melbourne. I love the city, but glad we can get away from it as well.

    6. I have been saying the last couple of years, they’ll be building apartments in Garden of the Gods before you know it — so many people moving here.

      It’s tough when you see something like that happening to places you love. Some places here used to be hidden gems, but now seem to be on YelpAdvisor or something because they’re always packed with out of state plates now.

      I’m skeptical about so-called “progress”. Before you know it, I’ll be yelling at kids to get off my lawn, I guess. πŸ˜€

    7. Similar is happening here. When I used to ride my bike out to Whittlesea it was all farmland, now it is nearly all houses. So sad.
      I agree, I think that ort of thing is happening everywhere.
      As for progress, I think we are regressing now. It is a sad state of affairs really.

  4. Beautiful black and whites Leanne. Being part of LAPC has me continually going through my archives. It’s like reliving the outing again.

    1. Thank you Anne. It is a good thing to do, going through you find lots of gems. It is that too, I just went through the ones I took on our day out.

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