Five Tips for Macro Photos Using Lightroom

Macro photography can be done in many ways. You can choose which way you want to go about it, whether that is through focus stacking or just having fun with it. In this article we are going to look at how you can improve your macro images with Lightroom.

Five Tips for Macro Photos Using Lightroom

1 – Cropping the Image

We are often told not to crop images, that it means the files will be too small, or you limit your choices for prints. I have heard all of these, and to some extent I agree, then again if you have an image and your macro subject is really small in it then why not. I crop nearly all my images, and do it to get the best composition I can. I don’t think I am ever going to enlarge my images so they are enormous, so it is not something that really matters.

2 – Use the Adjustment Brush

The adjustment brush in Lightroom really is your friend, and it can be really good for bringing out the subject of your image. I use it all the time. You can lighten the subject or darken your background. You can use a lot of different adjustments there and I recommend trying them out.

3 – Add Vibrance to Your Subject

This is one that you have to be careful with, it can be great to give your subject a little vibrance, it will help it stand out from the background. Though, I need to warn you to be careful and watch the image. Some colours don’t look good when you put the vibrance up. Colours like reds, bright pinks and purples, so take care.

4 – Remove Some Colour From the Background

Taking away some of the vibrance or saturation from around your subject can help it stand out. You naturally go to the lightest thing in an image or the brightest, so making sure your subject is one of those will help it stand out.


With the adjustment

5 – Add a Vignette

Anyone who follows me, or has for a while knows I love vignettes. I love the way it really helps you to focus on what I want you to focus on. Nothing more to say really, I just love them.

They are my tips, they might not be yours, but would love to hear what you think could be other great tips.

If you like this sort of post I would like to hear as well, I might try doing some more for other types of photography, or see if I can get some other people to give us their tips.

Finally here are the final images.

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