Weekend Wanderings – Other Birds at Healesville Sanctuary

Weekend Wanderings – Other Birds at Healesville Sanctuary

Last week I showed you the birds from the Spirits of the Sky show at Healesville Sanctuary, but I took so many other photos that I thought it might be good to show you them today. I’m sorry there is a lot of them. I couldn’t help myself, I got so many that I was proud of. I had to show you.

I hope you enjoy them. The last image was one I took with the Lensbaby.  I was trying it out at the zoo. Though most of these photos were taken with the very cheap 70-300mm lens that I got from Nikon. I am always amazed at the results of this lens.

The weekend is slipping by here, but it has been good so far, and I hope yours is the same.

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  1. These are gorgeous, Leanne, and what a variety of birds! I really like how you’ve captured their alert eyes; birds move so quickly that it’s not easy to get their eyes and faces in focus AND to compose the pictures so nicely too.

  2. You are so good at birds! I LOVE the feature bird.

  3. LB

    I’ve not seen you post images of birds before, or at least not that I remember.
    Nicely done!
    What an incredible variety of birds at this sanctuary. Must have been a fun visit.

    • I don’t do it often Laurie, I used to do it a bit, but this is the first time in probably a year that I have photographed birds like this.
      Thank you, it was a great visit and the variety was incredible.

  4. Another nice group of photos. Great that in most, the background is nicely out of focus and could just as easily look as though they were taken in the bush.

  5. Amazing shots all round, Leanne. Love how you focused on each bird to bring out their colour, and the bokeh in the background turned out nicely. Really like the one of the bird ruffling its feathers in the water. Great timing to capture the moment – and he wasn’t looming 😀 Good to hear your Nikon lens works for you – sometimes it is all about knowing how to use the equipment and feeling comfortable with it rather than how expensive it is.

    • thanks Mabel, yeah, just thinking about getting the shots in focus as much as possible. So the colour is a nice side effect. Yes, I think when we got to the pelicans it was bath time, so that was nice. I was actually surprised with that lens, it was very cheap and I did think it would be crap, but it is okay.

  6. Fabulous Leanne .. I would be proud of them too! A very happy pelican …

  7. Liz combes

    And you should be proud there are fantastic images and that lens worked a treat …

  8. The colors on all of these birds are just beautiful!

  9. I always have trouble narrowing down photos for galleries, too. Yours are beautiful, as always!

  10. I love birds so I was not disappointed that you shared so many photos. It is the one thing that could convince me to get a dslr camera one day 🙂

  11. Great shots and yes I did enjoy having a look at them … enjoy your work … am saving up to spend acouple of hours picking your brain so to speak ….
    John Janic

  12. What an amazing collection of birds. You are right they are all great photographs!

  13. I would have pulled out my bird guide and identified them, then added the Latin and common names in keywords in Lightroom. That’s my thing 🙂 These are lovely birds.

    • Yeah, not really my thing Sherry, I like looking at them, but then never remember the names, so I don’t worry about it. I know there is a blue wren, pelicans, rainbow lorikeets, and emus, but that’s about it. Thanks Sherry.

  14. Stunning gallery. These are very good looking birds.

  15. What a beautiful variety of birds – you have some lovely one s in your country!!

  16. I am amazed at your many talents. Great photographs of our our beloved feathered friends!

  17. avian101

    Great gallery! 🙂

  18. I absolutely love these! Thanks for bringing their beauty to my small little world. 😃

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