Floral Friday – Mum’s Garden

Floral Friday - Mum's Garden

When I knew I was coming up here to the Mallee I thought it would be nice to show some photos from Mum’s garden for Floral Friday.

Floral Friday – Mum’s Garden

My mum has a big garden and I love taking photos in it. Whenever I come up I try to bring my macro lens so I can capture some of the flowers.

With it being spring here that means there are lots of flowers to photograph. She has some that I need to work out how to get them for mine. I’ve already convinced her to dig up one that she has lots of.

Lensbaby Velvet 56

All the images were taken with the Lensbaby Velvet 56 on my older D800. I’m pleased I kept that camera. I have to admit I would really like to get a lens for my Fujifilm X-T3 and I’ve decided my best option would be one of these lenses.

Lensbaby makes them for Fujifilm and I do love the lens. Now I have to work out how I will get one. I’ve decided that if I get the Velvet 56 for my new camera I’d be happy. The one Fujifilm Australia gave me.

Macro photography is something that I really love doing, and I can’t live without a lens to do it. The Fujifilm macro lens is way too expensive for me right now, but the Lensbaby lens could be perfect. It is a nice size to carry around as well.  The problem I have now is that I have to carry around two cameras with me if I want to do macro as well.


Here is a small selection of what I took this morning. It was really windy and it was hard to get anything. I might try getting out earlier tomorrow morning. Is there anything wrong with doing macro photos in my pj’s?

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  1. Ha! You and me both, Leanne. In my backyard, in my pj’s with camera in hand. My yard has so many trees and shrubs, it is like a natural fence so no one sees me! Don’t you love it?!

    1. Yeah, I think it should be totally acceptable, I need to start making sure my camera is ready for it. I do love it, thank you Lois.

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