Floral Friday – My garden a couple of years ago

Floral Friday - My garden a couple of years ago

The reality is that my garden hasn’t got any more in it from last week, so for Floral Friday I thought we might look at some images from a couple of years ago.

Floral Friday – My garden a couple of years ago

It has been a funny week. The news of my father’s death has me in a strange place. I’ve also been very busy with some other work, but more news on that later.

As I said at the start the garden is a bit the same this week. Still, I have lots of photos from it in the past. I went through my images from 2017 and found some of the ones that I had taken of my garden.

Over the years lots of different flowers appear. They also disappear. The plants die off and then never come back. You don’t know how much I wish I was a gardener. It would be so nice to have an amazing garden to take photos of, but I have to settle for what I have.

The images here were taken over that year. So from the start through to the end of the year.

I hope you enjoy seeing these images from my garden. A nice collection and I must try to get more photos.

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