Getting back to Melbourne Zoo

After over two years I managed to get back to the main Melbourne Zoo. It was like it was before the pandemic and really didn’t seem like the last two years had happened.

I’m serious, I really am, it was like nothing had happened in the world. There were people everywhere and kids, so many kids. I mean who would have thought you would find so many of them at a zoo?

Why are they so horrible though. I keep hoping that my children didn’t behave like a lot of those when they were younger. They are pushy and so very loud. They misbehave and their parents just let them. I really don’t like the way kids are brought up these days.

Anyway, it usually means we don’t stay too long. I’m so glad that I am a member. I like that when it all gets to be too much we can just leave. If I only spend an hour there I know I can come back anytime I want. I love being a member.

I just love Melbourne Zoo and all the other ones that are part of it as well. I love how their concern is for the animals and they do a lot to make sure they are comfortable. Along with educating people who go and what they can do for them as well. Plus the zoo also donates millions of dollars every year to help in the conservation and protection of animals around the world.

I know sometimes it doesn’t look good seeing them behind the wire, but perhaps them being there should be looked at more like they are taking one for the team. They are helping to teach others about who they are and what they need. Then maybe people will want to help them.

I tried doing some video too, but haven’t put it together yet, that will come soon. Today I have some photos for you. Like I said we didn’t see everything, but here is a selection of the ones we did visit.

Take care everyone. Chat to you in the comments.

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  1. Beautiful photos, Leanne. Your comments about the children are really interesting. I thought the behavioral issues that you highlighted were endemic to the US. Evidently, I was very mistaken. The why of this phenomenon is somewhat mysterious, but I have a theory. Here in the US, far too many children are raised with no real expectations or defined responsibilities. I believe that our primary duty as a parent is to prepare our children for the responsibilities of adulthood. I see too many parents too concerned with whether or not their children consider them as friends. I don’t mean to seem cold, but we should be more concerned with guidance than friendship. Responsibilities bring growth and future security.

    1. Thank you Tim. No unfortunately I think it is happening everywhere and all the things you have said are the same things I’ve said as well. You have to wonder how this generation is going to manage and navigate the real world when they don’t have the skills to do it. You have to wonder if it is a new form of child abuse.

    2. Hi Leanne, I have never thought about the child issue from that perspective, but I think you may be right. Certainly that was not the intended consequence, but raising children without proper coping skills is a great disservice to them.

    3. I totally agree, I have to wonder if the rise in youth suicide has a lot to do with the fact that they are not brought up really understanding how to cope with disappointment, or from just being told no.

  2. Amazing and beautiful photos, Leanne! It looks like a great zoo. I completely agree with you about the rotten parenting and children today, I see the same thing happening here too. Why? My guess is that the parents’ parents never disciplined them hence they think this is normal behavior…

    1. Thank you John, it is a great zoo. I suppose I should have said it isn’t all parents and children, but a lot of them. I have always wondered if it was because smacking was a no no and then it wasn’t replaced with any other kind of punishment. Though I also wonder if it is because of many tv shows where the parents were more friends with their kids. You can’t be a friend and be a parent. I don’t know. I think many parents are setting their children up for failure these days. They don’t teach them the skills they need to survive in the world because they don’t want to upset their kids. It is a shame really.

    2. I totally agree, Leanne! Kids will call the police on their parents if they are smacked when the need it. My dad gave me the leather belt from his pants a few times, and my mother slapped the you k ow what out of me twice when I was a teen. Later in life, I thanked them for caring enough to adjust my attitude!

    3. I don’t know that I think smacking is good, but there needs to be some sort of punishment when kids are bad. Trying to reason with a 3 year old doesn’t work. Plus, this idea that we just have to put up with their kids is unbelievable. Like going to see a movie and people are there with a baby, really. I remember talking to someone who did that and they said but when the baby cries they take it out, and I said yeah but you have ruined the movie for everyone by then, it is the same as a mobile phone going off.

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