Getting up close and personal to Uluru – Excursion around the Rock

When I got to Uluru there were a few things I wanted to do, and mostly I got to do them, or experiencing them.

In the distance

I got to photograph it, at different times during the day from a distance.

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    1. Thank you, yeah, I do concentrate more on the photography, but I try to talk about it when I can. I don’t travel a lot, but I love photographing around Melbourne and Victoria.

  1. The close up photos are really interesting, especially the signs of erosion that create interesting textures. Is there a reason for the holes? at first I thought they might have been man made. A wonderful look at a place I will never visit.

  2. So glad I have found your blog again and am able once again to enjoy your exquisite work Leanne!


  3. An amazing experience Leanne. It is a pity about people who don’t respect silence but finding the waterhole is special as is the heart. Did you tingle when you touched “the rock?”

    1. It was and I think also because you really were up close. I know people who always think the world needs to hear them. I loved the heart.
      I don’t know if I felt a tingle, but it was very special and people were laughing at me because I wanted to photograph myself touching it. Thanks Bushboy.

  4. Great post, Leanne! You are showing aspects of Uluṟu that we don’t ever see, so we’ll done. That heart is amazing… looks like it has been carved out!

    1. Thank you Chris. I guess you really only get to see much of this when you visit. I loved that heart. I was showing it to Suzzanna last night and she didn’t see it there, so I wonder how many people do. I thought the same that it seemed almost too perfect for it to natural, but it has to be.

  5. Wow, thank you for this tour of this beautiful place, Leanne! Amazing. I’d say this trip was well worth the effort and cost! ❤️🇦🇺

  6. Stunning photographs. I especially love that final water hole photo. I had no idea that there were water holes at Uluru so you have educated me. What an amazing place.

    1. Thank you Laura. I’m glad you like my favourite too. I have to admit I only found out recently too, I was surprised as well. They are very cool. It is that, so amazing.

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