New Zealand Wanderings Day 8 – Doubtful Sound


New Zealand Wanderings Day 8 – Doubtful Sound

Day 8 of our New Zealand Wanderings was very wet as we explored Doubtful Sound. We did the boat cruise with Real Journeys to Doubtful Sound, but it was so wet and rained the whole time.doubtfulsound-boatcruise-fiordland-newzealand-0534

This is going to be a quick post today. I’m incredibly tired and the boat cruise was exhausting. I am going to do another post and lots more photos when I get back home. Still, I had to show you a few photos from today.

New Zealand Wanderings Day 8 – Doubtful Sound

We knew before we left this morning that it was going to rain, and rain it did. Not long after we got on the first boat it started. It didn’t stop.

I could say it ruined the day, but really it didn’t. The boat had a section at the back that was outside but also covered. We pretty much spent most of the day there. We were protected most of the time except for a few times the wind whipped around.

We saw things that you wouldn’t see if it was a sunny day. With all the rain there were waterfalls all over the mountains. They were amazing. If you like waterfalls you would have loved seeing what we were. Check this one out.


The wind was so strong that it was blowing the waterfalls up. There were trying to come down, but couldn’t. I have never seen anything like this before in my life. So glad we saw that. A woman at the start had told us that sometimes the waterfalls went up, but to be honest I wasn’t really sure I believed her.


That is all I’m going to do today, but as I said previously there will be another post at another stage once I’m home. Here are 5 photos from today.


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  1. cushla moorhead

    I’m so glad that you saw that area like that and got those amazing shots. We see lots of the sunny ones but not many like this. I love the atmosphere.

  2. Incredible that the waterfalls can go up like that! I thought they were low lying clouds in your photos at first!

  3. Very atmospheric! Sometimes you just have to find the best out of ordinary conditions and you did!

  4. Just beautiful. You captured the day beautifully. Are you glad that the weather was like that with all the inconvenience for these wonderful shots.

    • Thank you. You know, at first I was a bit disappointed that it was going to rain, but once we were out there and saw what was happening, I was really pleased. There were so many waterfalls. Then to see them flowing up, that was truly amazing. So I would have to say yes, I was very pleased in the end.

  5. Iā€™d love to see a waterfall go up! Beautiful photos Leanne. šŸ™šŸ»šŸ˜Ž

  6. Amazing and extremely beautiful, Leanne.

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