Getting your photos out of Lightroom – Exporting your images to your computer

Last week I showed you how to import your photos into Lightroom and then I realised, that maybe some of you might like to know how to export them as well.

Lightroom lets you work on your photos, but if you don’t export them then you can’t use them for anything. The only way you can view the work you have done on your images is inside of Lightroom, however, if you export the photos then you can use them for your blog or whatever you want.

I have done this video in two parts. The first part is one of the quickest ways to export your images, and the second part I have shown you more of what you can do if you choose. I also asked the question if you would like a video on doing watermarks. I used to do them a lot, but not as much now, but  I would be happy to show how to do that if you are interested.

So let’s take a look at the video.

I exported 10 images and I’m going to show some now, but if you want to see more then please take a look at the video.

These photos were taken along the river a few weeks back in Melbourne. It was when Anne was here from California and I went into the city and we walked along the river so I could show her the bridges that I love.

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  1. Great tutorial Leanne! I edit mostly in Lightroom and use Photoshop sometimes. I export directly from Lightroom back onto my desktop in a subfile of the original file. I had a great time photographing with you while I was in Melbourne!! Thank you!!!

    1. I remember you telling me that Anne, I thought Sandy might find this useful. You’re welcome, I loved that we got to catch up once again, it was fantastic. Thank you Anne.

  2. exporting from lightroom is so important, because that’s the way to save the adjustments into the files themselves instead of having to rely on the Lightroom database to remember changes…

    1. That is very true. I don’t tend to process photos with it much, so not a big problem, but I know people get confused that they have to do that when they process, export the photos. Thanks.

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