Weekend Wanderings – An outing with friends

Weekend Wanderings - An outing with friends

That was it, a day out with 3 other lovely ladies, friends to go on an outing, but it wasn’t quite the day we had planned, though seemed like a good one for Weekend Wanderings.

Weekend Wanderings – An outing with friends

I love going out and taking photos with friends. I’ve spoken about it a lot in the past, and nothing has changed. Sometimes those outings can be my only social interaction with others for the week. Working at home is wonderful, but at times it can be quite lonely.

The Plan

Well, it wasn’t a big plan. We wanted to head down to Sorrento to try and take some photos. We had hoped the sky would be full of clouds so we could do some long exposures. Alright, so maybe it was only me that wanted that. Come on, you know how much I hate, hate blue skies.

I tried to convince myself I could still do them, but who am I kidding. You just get subjects with bright sun on them. Most of the time I find days like that totally useless for me. Well, photography wise.


Sorrento was our first stop. From there we had breakfast, oh and the most important thing, coffee. Or should I say coooffffffeeeeeeeee. It was good.

Really we just did a lot of talking and then decided what to do or rather, where to go.

We thought we would try Dragon’s Head at Rye Backbeach. We were all set for it, just to find that the tide was too far in. Okay, so that was a no go. There are so many things down there so we then headed to Shelley Beach.

Shelley Beach

I’ve been to this beach many times. However, the other day was not a good one. There were no clouds and we looking straight into the sun. I did take a couple of images.

So you can see, not my usual type of photo.

Where to next?

Well, it was up in the air. We thought, let’s head to Flinders. We stopped at the pier, took a look and didn’t even bother getting out of the car. This was after we had lunch there of course.

We were all starting to think we wouldn’t be taking any photos that day. It was funny.

It was getting late, so we were just going to head back and then someone suggested Hastings. No one opposed, so off we went.


Thank goodness for that idea. It was absolutely gorgeous there. Well, still no clouds, but there is something about boats in marinas, blue skies, and reflective water. Very nice. They are a great mix.

We all got out of the car and grabbed our cameras to walk around with.

Here are some of my photos.

Absolutely stunning.

My Outing with Friends

It was a great day and while we didn’t necessarily get the photos we wanted we didn’t spend time together. It was the first time the four of us had been out together like that. I knew all four and it was me that brought us together. I guess if we hadn’t got along that would have been on me.

We went to places that some hadn’t been to before, with the idea of going back another time. In the end, we called it a scouting trip. There are definitely places we all want to go back to. Now we just have to wait and see if we can find the right time.

I was trying to come up with a name for our outings, here are some of the suggestions

  • Photographers who lunch
  • clicky chicks
  • chicks who click
  • women with cameras
  • clicky women
  • oldies on an outing
  • oldies with cameras

Yeah, not sure about the last two. Which ones did you like?

Have a great weekend.

An article

Lastly, a friend of my husbands sent me a link to a post that some of you might find interesting. The article is called Stories of Camera and Data Catastrophes.

You might be interested in …


    1. Thank you for your thought Jeni, I think the first you said seems the most popular. The reflections are fantastic, thank you.

  1. It is good to see a different side of your photography Leanne. Chicks who click is good or women with cameras 🙂

  2. Chicks who click–both with each other and with your camera. I love that name! I had to laugh about you hating blue skies. Yes, I know. And I love your dark photos. Out with you, sun! Your marina photos are lovely, though,Leanne. I do like all the reflections of the masts in the water.

    1. Thank you Lois, it has nice ring to it, Chicks who click. Yeah, me and blue skies and we seem to be getting a lot of them, driving me mad, it seems to be either blue, or rain. The marina was beautiful and the blue sky was perhaps perfect, but you won’t hear me admitting that too publicly, lol.

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