Going out for the day

Can you believe it, I actually went out for a day trip with my friend Sandra. She wanted to check out Werribee Gorge and I went along for the ride.

Really the next question to ask is, did we see Werribee Gorge?

Well, that would be a big fat no. You have to do a lot of walking to see it, which wouldn’t normally be a bad thing, but it was hot, I was hungry and Sandra has an injured ankle, so after three hills and still not seeing anything we turned around.

An additional excuse too is that the surface of the paths was very rocky and not at all fun to walk on. Walking up was okay, but walking down was a bit hairy. I would do it again, but I would like a hiking stick to make sure I don’t slip. I sprained my left ankle about 15 years ago and did such a good job of it that it took almost a year to recover. I limped for so long and I really don’t want to ever have that happen again.

It was good getting out and I wouldn’t mind going back there again, but next time I want to be more prepared. Maybe take a snack, go in winter, oh yeah and take some water with me.

I also took my camera did think I wouldn’t? I used my X-S10 from Fujifilm and put the Tamron 18-300mm lens on it. I am really starting to think I might need one of these. Do you think Tamron might give me one? Yeah, I don’t think so either.

It is a great lens for walking around. I didn’t want to be burdened down with a ton of gear, so that lens was just perfect for the hike. I had the camera swinging around my neck ready for whenever I wanted to take some photos.

It wasn’t the best day for taking photos. It was the type of day that when you are learning to take photos that they tell you not to do. Like, don’t take photos in the middle of the day, which I did. Also, look out for bright sunshine, well it was very bright.

It was really nice to see something else besides the house. Not that I have minded being home all this time. I’m still worried about going out, but if I am outdoors I don’t mind so much.

Anyway, here a few photos from the trip. There are, obviously, none of the gorge and you might have to wait until another trip for those.

Yeah okay, there are a lot of photos. Oh well, I hope you enjoyed looking at them.

Take care and I’ll see you soon.

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    1. That’s how hikes and walks impact a lot us. The special bumps and crevices become personal trail landmarks. Have a wonderful weekend Leanne.☕️☕️🥾🥾

    1. Thank you Marland, I was glad too. I agree about the walking stick, I’ve used one once before, but not for a while. I might have to find mine.

    2. I have been watching heaps of wood turning and carving videos on YouTube, they are so fascinating and it looks like a great thing to do. I admire you for doing it, I don’t think I would have the patience.

  1. Interesting shots, Leanne. The Tamron lens is a good option, but the Fuji XF 70-300mm is also a good choice. It is lighter than than the Tamron, has a 5.5 stop-effective OIS, and accepts Fuji’s 1.4x Teleconverter. I love my copy which is not only a great telephoto (630 mm full frame equivalent w/converter) but works brilliantly as a closeup macro.

    1. Thank you Don. That is an interesting option, but I also like wide angle which is why I like the idea of the 18-300, it gives me more options. I think for the type of photography I would do with it would be perfect. I’m quite attached. Not looking forward to giving it back.

  2. Hi, Leanne: Good to see you getting out. Finding outdooor locations with minimal crowds has become a quest these days.

    1. You’re not wrong Robin, they are about to open us up to tourism again, so it is going to become even harder sadly. It was nice to get out though. Thank you.

    1. They are very relaxing, I liked that and I really didn’t care if I got amazing images. Yes, I will have to remember to take those with me next time, but really Sandra just said we going to look, won’t be really walking, so I think I can blame her. lol Thank you Anne.

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